Thursday, October 30, 2008

It rises!

1) Reading new chapter of sam's fic on lunch break

2) Went on a cleaning spree in the office this afternoon. Found a place for the photo cameras.

3) It was in the 60s!

4) "In a network of lines that Enlace" is wonderfully absurd - and I'm perfectly fine with it cutting off where it did.

5) Getting home while it's still light out

6) My Bricklink order arrived!

7) Left over curried turkey pita for dinner

8) I spent most of the evening using the pieces from the bricklink order to finished the first prototype of the four legged field monster. Pictures below.

9) Watched 1st episode of northern exposure season 2 - I could care less about Joel's fiancee dumping him - but the Shelly addicted to T.V. plotline was fun and Chris was great as always.

10) Set up a little lego halloween display in my window. Nothing complicated, just moved my scaryish stuff there and covered it with pumpkins.

I really like this tiny jack-o lantern I made really quickly to imprison.

11) Voicemail from Stephanie. I accidentally responded to her question/musings out loud once or twice, which would seem like I'm going crazy but I think it's just proof of the extent of <8> that we can carry out a conversation without even being together.

12) Before I went to sleep I made version 1.2 of field monster - lengthened the body and added a rEdiculous tail. I do not know what to do about the tail so in an upcoming post I will post pictures of some differnt tail option and have yalls vote.

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Mead said...

Green is so much more awesome than orange.