Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nambu makes 82

1) Finished "Franny and Zooey"

2) So The University won another Nobel Prize today. The announcement basically took over our entire office for a day. You can see all the coverage we produced here. Thankfully it was mostly Josh and Renee who had crazy days and while I was still working on Nobel stuff all day, it was in a more laid-back manner.

3) One of of newer employees. Gerry was on hand that morning and worked on all the stuff. He was very excited to be working on something so important. It was a nice contrast to everyone else in the office who was basically just going crazy.

4) It's official, Tiffany is going to become a full time employee (with benefits and everything.) Woohoo! We really need her.

5) My favorite part of the Nboel stuff was when I had to use my voice talents to record an audio bumper for the mp3 of the press conference. (Just listen to the first 20 seconds.)

6) At the end of day, once all the nobel stuff was posted, I should have gotten back to the million other things I was planning to work on before the Nobel prize hi-jacked my day, but instead I went on a cleaning spree around the office. To be fair, it was in disarray, so it wasn't a superfluous cleaning spree, and I don't think my brain could have handled doing much else at that point.

7) Commute w/ Tiffany until she got off at China Town. It's so nice to have someone to talk to about work right after work.

8) Dinner = left over peanut chicken, pumpkin bread, carrots whatever else I scrounged

9) I made 10 posts!

10) True Blood w/ Karan

11) Heroes

12) Sam's TW fic

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