Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Blgos ahoy!

1) An e-mail from Adam with among other things a link to his new (political) blog.

2) Scheduled lunch with Arthur

3) An e-mail from Lila

4) Kavalier and Clay is still awesome - but almost over

5) Jenny started a blog as well!

6) Stephanie

7) Pushing Daisies - Olive and Chuck were hilarious - there was hilarity all over the place in fact

8) The chicken thing was tasty even if overly spiced

9) Torchwood - "This is very homoerotic"

10) Not too chilly for bike riding yet - although gloves will soon become necessary

11) Just discovered a video of Isaiah that I hadn't seen yet.

-1) I have to wake up at 5 tomorrow which is why this is so short

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