Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An ode to Trader Joe's

1) Spent most of the day editing. (This is my favorite thing to do at work.)

2) Not a bad Tuesday all in all.

3) Kavalier and Clay - the tommy stuff is so fantastic I almost missed my stop

4) Stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home. They say you shouldn't go grocery shopping when you are hungry because then you buy things you don't need. But for me if I go with a list and I'm not hungry, I usually just buy the things on the list and always end up wishing I had bought other things too. I am very happy with today's trip to Trader Joe's. I'm so glad it's convenient to go to now that I live in Lakeview. I don't know why I even bother going to other grocery stores. Here is what I got, roughly in the order I put it in my cart. I was so excited about my groceries that I think I actually giggled as I was putting them away.
  • string cheese (hopefully theft-proof)
  • kashi TLC crackers (regular flavor)
  • white chicken sesame noodle bowl (I'm experimenting with frozen food)
  • chicken empanaditas (because I liked Stephanie's empanadas except that they were always so gigantic, these should be much more managable)
  • chocolate covered espresso beans (for Renee)
  • sweetened unsulphured mango slices ( I probably have a serious addiction)
  • "nothing but bananas" (dried and flattened)
  • raisins (sorry dad, but they're tasty)
  • tomato paste (which I forgot to put on my list, but remembered in the nick of time)
  • pasta (twirlies of course)
  • chicken (for peppercorn-ing)
  • "so this strawberry walks into a bar" cereal bars (too charming not to buy)
  • peanut butter and chocolate granola bars (sorry Tiffany, but peanut butter is incredible)
  • scouring pads (colorful)
  • toilet paper (100% recycled)
  • tea tingle body wash (sounds invigorating)
  • pear hand soap (I love pear scent, also it's moistureizing and I need all the moisture I can get now that the cold has begun)
  • TJ's soft 10 grain bread (someday there will be infinity grain bread)
  • green beans (for amandine-ing)
  • sugar snap peas (because I could eat them anytime)
  • a bag of ambosia apples (they smell wonderful)
  • shallots (all the better to peppercon with)
  • yogurt (strawberry, peach, and blueberry)
  • roasted garlic hummus (nuff said)
5) Getting a seat on thge red line (at the back of the car in that little room) having a seat when I was loaded up with grocery bags

6) Sam's scholarly analysis of why harry is probably a horcrux - originally wrtitten in the time between the release of books 6 & 7 (before stephanie had introduced me to him). I liked it especially because I also was pretty sure Harry was a Horcrux after re reading all the books in the time between book 6 and 7.

7) tin tin sketch book - reminded my of the awesomeness of the cartoon show

8) robot chicken star wars special - this came up during work today and I had only watched it once before (although parts of it I've seen time and time again) so i decided to watch it again tonight. It was a good decision. I laughed a lot.

9) Doctor = Jack fic

10) Two starcraft 2 videos - I can't even explain hte quivers of excitement that first video gives me.

Edit to add:
11) I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I've felt undeniably giddy today. Giddy! No particular reason, but I'm not compaining.

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Stephanie said...

I think in my brain i spell it twirlys