Saturday, October 4, 2008

Photo posts take forever

1) Sleeping past my alarm (10:15)

2) A slow morning of internety goodness

3) Made a few posts to this here blog

4) Pasta salad / mesquite chicken lunch

5) Shower

6) Sandman -> to the end of "Season of Mists"

7) Then I spent a good amount of time unpacking and arranging minifig on the castle & secret agents shelf.

Wizard Battle!

Do you see the ghost?

Two world collide!


Despite their differences, the sharks and skeletons do agree that it's fun to torture the silly humans.

9) Screenwriter's meeting @ the Hookah bar in Hyde Park

10) Setting up minifigs on town and underwater scenes.

Can you find all 5 divers?

As you may notcie, this is on top of my fridge.

Oh my god! The flyign horses! Run for you life!

I used every screaming face I have in this display.

I told you we should have turned left at Alpha Centurai!

The TV antennae is not made of lego.

I forgot to color correct this underwater picture.

Ow my tail! Ow my hand!

What did the whale do to you?

Don't under estimate the octopus.

They got tired of Arkham so they rented a town house.

Things don't look good for Robin.

Can I get you gentleman anything to drink?

Frying up some bat burgers with the bat grill.

But wait! Who's that down on the fire escape. A batman runs free! Could he be the salvation of the enslaved heroes? Nah, he's actually just on his way back from the grocery store. (Or is he?)

11) Then Tiffany and Seth and her friend Keinen from Minneapolis came over and hung out for a while. They were the first to admire my meticulous minifig set-ups.

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