Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sleepy Sunday

1) I again slept for about 12 hours last night. I'm going to say it's part of my recovery from the throat infection and not just me being a sleepaholic. I do feel much better today. Throat barely bothering me at all.

2) Chapter 4 of Sam's new fic.

3) Played more secret of Mana. Defeated a spiky tiger and gained water magic.

4) Vacuumed my apartment.

5) Put together a bricklink order

6) Getting back inside my house after getting caught in a sudden hailstorm on the way back from the grocery store. My hands were very happy to be out of the wind and chill.

7) Dinner was some tortellini, tomato, basil. mozzarella salad that I got from the TI deli.

8) Talked to Mom.

9) Did a whole bunch of dishes.

10) Worked on the NNN episode 1 script for screenwriter's. The dialogue is only twaeked slightly. Mostly I'm just adding descriptions that I will be using for storyboarding/ animating.

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