Monday, October 20, 2008

SleepyDave nearly triumphed today

1) There was a welcome breakfast for a new member of the communications group this morning. Had some good OJ and fruit and a big blueberry muffin.

2) Fresh mozerella sandwich

3) The third workstation is finally connected to Scorsese. We've only been waiting since July for that to happen.

4) Kavalier and Clay - although now it's sad, but still good

5) Pasta for dinner

6) Chapter one of sam's new TW fic. How many stories has he written about Ianto by now?

7) Beat mega man 9! Also spent a dollar to download an extra level.

8) A Jack/Mal fic Stephanie sent me. mmm Torchfly...

9) Wrote down the beginning of an Invisible Cities fanfic that came to me earlier today.

10) Read more Kavlier and Clay. I can't help myself!

11) Would you look at that, I'm all caught up!

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