Sunday, October 19, 2008

Slightly more productive day

1) Cool lego creations

2) Dishes - finally no dishes on the counter - for the past few weeks there have always been dirty dishes linger there. I would do dishes, but never all of them at onc, so there would always be stragglers. Today I finalyl cleared it off, at least for a few hours.

3) Beat world of goo

4) Went to Clarkes for lunch w/ Tiffany and Seth - got chicken quesadillas

5) I used one of the many lego buckets I have lying around and some rope to jerry-rig a container on my new bike rack. I wouldn't trust my groceries in it, but it worked well enough for my laundry.

6) Which I did 3 loads of. I calculate the bike saved me about half an hour in travel time over the 5 trips back and forth to my landlord's house. Time which I used for your benefit.

7) Because in case you hadn't noticed I went on a mad posting spree and am nearly caught up!

8) Called Mom and Dad - They talked about their week with Jenny and Isaiah in MA. Isaiah can now differentiate between and name a truck and a backhoe. Backhoe! He also asked where Nana and Papa were the day after they left. I don't think he could have said anything to make them happier.

9) Stair work out

10) Almost beat mega man 9, got to the final boss and ran out of lives.

11) True Blood w/ Karan - Any minute now that guy is going to turn into a tiger and we will be vindicated. Until then we'll just have to settle for the cajun as our hero. He's no gambit, but his accent is still irresistable.

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