Monday, October 27, 2008

Small, but awesome screenwriter's meeting

1) Started "If on a winter's night a traveler"

2) Productive, non-hectic day

3) Unexpectedly ran into Krista on the way to HPP. I haven't seen here since Oktoberfest.

4) Got some pasta and a mango-almond-pumpkin bar (it sounds crazy, but it was subtle and worked quite well) for dinner.

5) Picked up pear cider. Mmmm... delicious.

6) Screenwriter's - I really liked Mead's new script. Her visual grammar is much better than mine. It was also fun to read through the NNN pilot again and get some new perspectives on it. Gene laughed at the pun I came up with last night which pleased me and Joey's summary of Phil and Sherry "he's a total idiot and she's like the only sane person in this crazy world - I'd just love to see her flip out at someone" just after one quick read reassured me that the latent character conflicts are apparent. Or something like that.

7) A new short fic by Sam

8) A short chat with Talya. The miracles of the internet. I was seated safe and warm inside my apartment in Chicago and there she was crouched in a cold dark alley in New Haven, a stowaway on some unsecured wirelesss network trying to download an articel for class. And by some absurd conicidence the names of the two wireless networks were exactly the same: RedDoor. I mean what are the chances?

9) Made some minor changes to the NNN scipt. then worked on adding stuff to the qisaster wiki for a bit.

10) Watched True Blood with Karan.

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