Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday always sneaks up on me

1) Played Cave story to wake up

2) Went to brunch w/ Stephanie - we met at a greek sandwich place by the brwonline south port stop and both got the chicken pita sandwich with french fries. It was delicious. I also got OJ.

3) Then we went next door and got ice cream and walked around the block eating it. She got mint chip, I got peanut butter chip. Delicious.

4) Ran through all the Mega Man 9 levels to collect money so i could stock up on supplies for the last set of levels. I keep running out of lives when I try to beat them.

5) Dishes

6) More Cave Story

7) Biked to a bike shop, found a bike rack for the back of my bike and left my bike there so they could drill the necessary hole in my bike and then install the rack.

8) Walked up to Trader Joe's for groceries. Got so many delicious things.

9) Tiffany handling all the calendar stuff. Huge weight off my back.

10) Ran up the stairs

11) Dinner of pita and hummus and peanuts and chewy bar and carrots etc.

12) Pictionary w/ Alex and Stephanie

13) Talked with Mom and Dad outside, because it's so nice out and I get terrible recption inside my apartment.

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