Thursday, October 2, 2008


1) Renee brought in pastries from the Med in the morning. I had parts of the carrot muffin and chocolate croissant.

2) David Nagel covered a whole bunch of shoots. He's a graduated student who we are keeping on part-time and I am very grateful, because otherwise it would have been me running around like crazy.

3) We ordered Jimmy Johns for lunch to accompany...

4) CMIG Producer "Boot Camp." This was more or less me running though all the things on the CMIG producers guide for the benefit of Josh and Ben and Tiffany (and to a smaller extent Renee)

6) After work we had the second Communications Happy Hour (the last one was on my birthday.) It was much livelier than the first, probably because there were more people and we actaully all knew each other thanks to the recent retreat. It just so happened that the day before was Renee's 5th anniversary of working with the University and so I went out and bought a fruit tart and brought it with plates and forks etc. to the happy hour. I made a little announcement and Renee was surprised, so that was cool. And then I started cutting up the fruit tart (Phyllis helped distribute).

7) Commuting home w/ Tiffany. We talked about how awesome Julie Peterson is, the Dragon books etc.

8) When I got home Stephanie was asleep on my couch under a couple blankets. Much nicer than coming home to an empty apartment.

9) We played Okami for a while. Is this when we got lightning, or is this when we started exploring the snow-land? There were lots of animals to feed in snow land.

10) Dinner was pasta salad and mesquite chicken. Delicious.

11) Then there was the VP debate. Joe Biden was pretty kickass. Very good at countering Palin's claims. After a while Stephanie started reading his wikipedia page on my iphone and sharing interesting facts.

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