Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday nights are awesome

1) Got a seat as soon as Fullerton

2) More "Invisible Cities" - "Perhaps this garden exists only in the shadow of our lowered eyelids, and we have never stopped... but each time we half-close our eyes, in the midst of the dim and the throng, we are allowed to withdraw here, dressed in silk kimonos, to ponder what we are seeing and living, to draw conclusions, to contemplate from the distance."

3) 174 was right there when I got off the Red line - got to work in less than 50 minutes!

4) Invoicing is kind of fun - today was really the first time I'd done it, It had been solely Renee's responsibility until very recently. I send off maybe 30 invoices today.

5) A brief chat with Karan as I was leaving work

6) My ability to nap on the train and not miss my stop

7) Okami (w/ Stephanie of course)

8) Torchwood - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - It'd been so long since we saw the team in action. Also, John hart was great.

9) Skillet lasagna + sugar snap peas

10) The Office

11) More Okami