Saturday, October 4, 2008

To Meteorites!

1) I got up a little alter than usual and so I was right at the worst part of rush hour and the Red Line was atrocious. Packed to the point of not being able to get on. So I took the brown line -> 6 ->171 to work and I had a seat for everything except the 171, which it always is during the school year, was packed tigher than a clown car.

2) My desktop machine was being upgrade, so I was working off my laptop, so I went to our studio room and shared a desk w/ Tiffany.

3) At one point I was falling asleep and could remember what I needed to be working on so I went for a walk. I ended up walking to the bookstore where I found that the "University of Chicago" hooded sweatshirt I wanted was on sale. So I bought it and promptly put it on.

4) Peter made our server all better.


6) Renee gave me a ride to a brown line stop downtown since she was on her way home anyway.

7) Met up with Kirsta, Dana, Stephanie, Paul, Tiffany, Seth, and a few friends of Dana's for dinner at a German restaurant by Stephanie and Paul. It was awesome.

8) The best things I ate were the giant pretzel we bot as an appetizer & the spaetzle that came with my dinner.

9) Because it was Ocktoberfest, there were some waitresses (? or maybe they were just alcohol promoters) going around giving out rounds of free shots to the tables. We had one that was like Jaegermister and an appley one that was really tasty. We also had giagantic beers, but we paid for those.

10) We were seated by the kitchen and every so often a bell would ding twice. I said that I kept expecting someone to make a speech. So then of course after that every time the bell rang someone would have to give a toast. They were hilarious.

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