Friday, October 17, 2008


1) Trader Joe's Banana Waffles for breakfast

2) Finished up the editing on ye olde timey video. (Mead did the majority of it.) It's a promotional video for "Chicago in 60 Seconds" which is a video competition that we are holding for U of C students. Hopefully is will generate interest. I think it's pretty awesome.

3) We've got some cool upcoming projects from Development

4) Riding home with Tiffany. We're bothe reading K&C and soon after we got on the Red Line we both started reading.

5) Kavalier and Clay. The arrival of Tracy Bacon has vaulted this book in to realms of wonderfulness previously unimaginable. In other words: OMGMYBFFJILL!!!!1

6) Went out for dinner with Tiffany and Seth at Gino's east. We got garlic sticks and spinach and pepperoni pizza. Pretty tasty.

7) During dinner we talked about how we sleep, how the months are arranged in our head, how we do math, games we play when we're bored etc. It was very interesting. I gobble this stuff up.

8) This photo from the last presidential debate is hilarious. I know it was just a split second, I see this stuff all the time when I'm editing videos. Well nothing quite like this. But there's this one picture of a guy where it looks like he's trying to be a monster, but it was just a split second confluence of his gesturing and his mouth opening in a funny way.

9) Then we went back to Tiffany's place and watched Demetri Martin - If I He's a comedian, but this wasn't really a comedy routine (though there were funny parts) so much as a introspective one man show. It was good. If nothing else it made me feel better about my own nueroses and excessive introspection. I wanted more from the end, it just sort of stopped.

10 ) I didn't mind the rain/hail on the way home

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