Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Prize Pack Arrived!

It contains:
3830: The Bikini Bottom Express
3831: Rocket Ride
4981: Chum Bucket
4982: Ms. Puff's Boating School
6 assorted Spongebob Keychains (I could have one for every one of my keys)
A $50 LEGO gift certificate!
5 loose spongebob mini-figs and 3 loose Patrick mini-figs (I will soon have an army of spongebobs to unleash on unsuspecting victims)
An orange Nicktoons Network 5th Animation contest tote bag
A festival t-shirt (not pictured)
A booklet listing all the winner fro mthe past 5 years and a DVD of them all
A letter of congratulations
Random promotional material
and a really cool brick-built trophy!

1 comment:

Jenny Pickett said...

I'd been planning to get you that crazy orange bus for Christmas; I mean how often do they make orange Legos. I guess I will have to think of something else.