Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pinpuraptorant Regins Supreme!

Having disposed of slithery cat and tiktaalik off-screen, the Pinpuraptorant stalks its voted-for prey:

Aerial battle!

Totally dismembered!

But who's sneaking up from behind?

Someone who doesn't know about that Pinpuraptorant's tails are poisoned...

that's who.

The shrill cry of Tiger Plume fills the air like an exclamation point... or maybe that's the plume

it flies through the air, without any assistance from my hand

Its back end is conveniently off camera

Oh no! It has gotten its jaw on Pinpuraptorant's succulent head

But wait... our hero is bending back

and flipping over!

and gives a mighty kick!

Knocking tiger plume into the bottomless abyss!

Victory Pose!

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