Sunday, November 2, 2008

Skittles are tasty

Today was a nice relaxed day. I did laundry and the dishes and did some online shopping and wrote today's NaNoWriMo amount. I also got the two youtube videos of mine that were taken down for containing this song back up. I did this in two different ways. For the Ninja Battle one I used the AudioSwap feature on youtube to replace the audio with a copyright free song that they provided. It was really simple, you can check a box so that it only shows songs with a similar length as your video and then it's just a matter of choosing one and hitting audio swap. I did that for this one because I wanted to preserve the 32,000+ viewcount and because there wasn't any dialogue or anything that was being lost. For the one that was in the middle of "Lego Movie 2: Volume 1" I pulled the video into Final Cut and replaced the offending part with copyright free music from Soundtrack Pro. I also sped it up a bit to matche the music and because 5 FPS is SO SLOW! Yeah, I mean technically I made a 45 minute and a 60 minute movie, but the animation is so slow and choppy. They could each be watched in half that time.

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