Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The verge of a new year

1) Dana tipped me off to this rEdiculous music video. You haven't seen anything until the dragons show up.
2) Remembering my past 10 New Years Eve's. Here's a brief summary of how I've brought in the years.
00' - "First Night" in Doylestown - watching fireworks with Rachel and Jeremy - watching Austin Powers 2 for the first time and sleeping over at Jeremy's mom's house
01' - London - weird pity party with "the girls" - canasta
02' - Jeremy's dad's basement - adult swim -monkey ball - Matt McLean was there too
03' - PGSS reunion at Toby's house in York - snow fight, ping-pong, bean bag toss, Young Frankenstein, bagels & lox
04' - 06' Adam's basement - walks around the forest - sake - MST3K - orange soda - cookie dough from Redner's - running into Rachel, Joe and Fiona by Chuckee Cheese
07' - Jeremy and Adam came over and we watched Top Gun & Fellowship of the ring with Rifftrax and hade mimosas and Jagermeister
08' - Stephanie and Paul came over and we went to Calypso for dinner, we got Bourne Ultimatum at Blockbuster and where joined by Krista and her brother for that and mimosas and congo bars.
3) TOaFK
4) Got Dr. Horrible from Amazon (although it's defective) and new clothes from express.
5) Boom blox
6) nap
7) more boom blox
8) telling krista about the dream
9) taco pile on
10) seeing claire gilbert! (unexpectedly)
11) ringing in the new year with Tiffany and Seth and Krista. We had dinner at Krista's and then went to this big party a couple blocks away and then spent the night at Krista's. Katamari Damacy was played.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

First day back

1) Crazy Krista comic dream. It was one of the coolest dreams I've had in a while. Time travel and changing perspectives.
2) Working with Tiffany and Seth in the office / going to u mart together
3) Going in at the later time & not quite a full day
4) The once and future king - still awesome
5) It was warmish out?
6) Trader Joe's
7) Taking advantage of the relative warmth I went for a run around the neighborhood. I had many good NNN thoughts.
8) Pita and hummus and carrots and clementines
9) Put together the pirate ship I got from mom and dad
10) Played some boom blox

Monday, December 29, 2008

Last vacation day of the year

1) One last day of sleeping like crazy - in addition to many many hours at night I took a brief nap on the way to the airport and of course on the plane.

2) Went out to lunch with mom. It was like the old days when I'd have lunch with her before heading off to kindergarten.

3) crazy posters

4)Had dinner with Dad at the airport.

5)Composing a big New Year's e-mail in the airport

6)Trader Joe's Chocolate Covered Pretzels are too delicious - I'm taking them into work so I don't eat this whole bag myself in two days.

7)The Once and Future King continues to be awesome. Mordred has arrived, I predict trouble.

8) Got home! Stephanie had been by earlier to check on things and left a light on. It was nice to come home to that and her note.

9)Unpacking can be fun

10) Played through a bunch of Boom Blox because I'm still not remotely tired. I wonder why that could be?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Savor these lists while they last

1) Woke up to say goodbye to Leo, Jenny and Isaiah.
2) Returned to bed to get another couple hours of sleep and have a crazy dream that involved Dr. Who, Sir Perceval and Ben Kolak & Adam Dusen becoming friends.
3) Worked up a Lego play theme suggestion. TIME (Temporal Inaccuracy Maintenance & Enforcement) Patrol. TIME Agents vs. Anachronists. Not the most inspired, but I think it could be cool.
4) Mom cut up a mango to go with lunch.
5) Spent the afternoon blogging
6) Leftovers for dinner. Those mashed potatoes are always better the second day.
7) More blogging - finally caught up. I've decided that starting next year/a couple days I am going to switch from 10 wonderful things a day to 10 wonderful things a week. I just can't keep up with this and when I do it usually devolves into lists with a lot of repeats. I mean who really wants a catalog of what TV shows I've watched/what I've eaten? I may still do daily updates, but just have a total of 10 things by the end of the week. We'll see.
8) Apple Crisp & Pumpkin Pie
9) Watched last four episodes of Mr. Show. The last season was great. Too bad it never returned.
10) While I watched I packed up all my stuff. I managed to get the spice rack in with out too much effort!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Finally Caught Up!

1) Crazy dreams about buses and kutz and julie peterson - also, lots of sleep
2) wii fit with jenny and leo
3) quarto with leo
4) meatballs and sausage for lunch
5) rock band
6) Peeling an orange with isaiah. I would start a bit and then let him grab it and pull it off - very similar to the way he unwrapped presents. He really enjoyed it.
7) Worked on some posts on my laptop in the car on our way down to Philly.
8) Isaiah was very excited about seeing Uncle JP again and kept saying his name excitedly.
9) Dinner at Dmitri's was delicious as always.
10) Talking to Karan and Max
11) More posting
12) Pumpkin Pie and Reeses cups

Boxing Day?

1) Sleep o'clock
2) Dad's pancakes
3) I made a quick order on Amazon to get one thing I didn't get for Christmas but need to own - Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog DVD. Also apparently there is another sequel to Wicked out, so I got that as well as the mass market paperbacks of Wicked and Son of a Witch, because they are so good.
4) Blogging a bunch
5) Playing with Isaiah - we played with the Duplos I got him some and also some cool wooden rescue vehicles he got aong with wooden track for them.
6) Little sample of sausage and meatball before heading out.
7) Picked up Talya at her house. We drove into town and got coffee (by which I mean she got tea and I got hot chocolate) at Saxby's (formerly Buck County Coffee). We caught up on the big recent stuff
8) Then we went and got dinner at Cafe America. I had a pomegranate mojito and chicken quesadilla. Very tasty.
9) After dinner we walked and talked around Doylestown for a little bit. Then we went back to her place ang hungout in her room hardcore reminiscing. Started out with high school/early college but eventually transitioned into looking at our 6th grade yearbook.
10) The new BricksInMotion finally launched!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Hidden Updates Below

In an effort to get caught up by the the beginning of the New Year, I am rifling through my backlogged lists and posting them as quickly as I can. I have updated a few weeks worth starting back at 12/6.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Totally Awesome

Thanks to the youtube users who pointed this out. If you have Comcast OnDemand you can see "Choose Your Own Storyline: The Fight for Paradise Hills" on your TV! It's under Kids -> Activity TV -> LEGO TV -> Lego Fan Films. It's cool to see my film on the TV like that, (even if they spelled my name wrong). Check it out (until Januray 9th when it will go away.)

The True Meaning of Hide and Seek

1) Not waking up but hearing Isaiah playing and everyone (except the sleeping uncles) laughing upstairs.

2) Playing hide and seek with Isaiah. He runs out of the room to count and yells "no peeking" even though you are the one hiding. If he doesn't find you immediately he will hoot twice. In response you hoot twice and then he finds you and exclaims your name. Repeat until he gets bored or distracted by something else.

3) Breakfast - cinnamon rolls & apple pancakes

4) Some presents (which Isaiah passed out): The beginning of my spice rack, my mom hid all the spices in other presents, some in my presents and others in other people's presents. Kraken attackin', lots of great socks from the Gap. Christmas Coasters sewed by my mom, a couple pictures of Isaiah and a DVD with videos of him. Orange Legos and a $15 itunes giftcard.

5) Then my parents and sister went to mass while the rest of us stayed back to watch Isaiah and set up Rock Band which Leo had just opened. Isaiah was playing with the Little People Sesame Street Playset, which is definitely the best of the little people playsets. There's a merry go round, a revolving door, a big slide, a secret passage slide, a spinning seat - lots of interactive features. There's a crank on the side that you can turn to make the people slide across the top and then go down the big slide. I wanted to demonstrate this feature to Isaiah, so I put the baby figure up there and cranked it along and as I did I sang a little song: babybabybabybaby-slide! He laughed and said "again." I must have done that twenty times that first time. He just kept handing me the baby, or putting it up there himself.
We also played with these orange and green balls, which went into this contraption and came out in one of two spots. He would put the balls in the front and I would say "where'd they go?" to which he'd reply "I know!" and then he would check the two spots where they could be until he had both of them, exclaiming "orangeball!" and "greenball!" when he did.

6) Played Rock Band with the family. A lot of laughs.

7) Isaiah's idea of a fancy meal is Sushi, so we had an appetizer of sushi that was his Christmas dinner. Salmon(cooked), avocado, carrots, peppers. Delcious.

8) Then we opened the rest of the presents. I made out very well. In addition to the things I've already mentioned Season 4 of Mr. Show, Season 1 of Where on Earth is Carmen SanDiego, The Dark Knight, Wario Land: Shake It, Wii Fit (will be shipped to me, because it's really heavy), Loot Island, Brickbeard's Bounty.

9) Played through a bunch of the other competitive Boom Blox modes/levels with JP.

10) Dinner - roast beef, mashed potatoes, rolls, etc. Everything very delicious.

11) Jenny set up her Wii Fit and we all tried out the balance games. I cannot hula hoop for my life, not even virtually.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twas the night...

1) Sleeping in
2) Pumpkin bread and clementines
3) Being home
4) Jenny and Leo and Isaiah!
5) Isaiah is much more verbose than when I saw him in July. He's got "Uncle Dave" down pat and I lost count of the number of times he said it. There is a song that Jenny and Leo made up for him that goes to the tune of Frere Jacques:
Nana Linda. Nana Linda
Papa Jack. Papa Jack
Uncle Dave and JP. Uncle Dave and JP
Fun fun fun. Fun fun fun.
He sang parts of it several times while he was here, though never when we were trying to record it. He also knows "Jingle Bells" (and it's companion "Jingle Truck/whatever vehicle he asks for" ) and "Wheels on the Bus." He also picks up new words quickly, I was impressed by "ambulance". He also constructs basic sentences like "Papa Jack [is] upstairs [watching] TV." Having never witness the development of any child before, this is mind-blowing.
6) Playing with Isaiah - he really likes tunnels, either for him or for his cars. Also dumping out all the blocks from a bucket. Knocking things down remains a favorite past time as well. He would often command us to build him a tunnel from the big cardboard blocks only to knock it down without even going through it once.
7) Catching up with everyone - JP came in that night.
8) Salmon, potatoes, rice salad thing for dinner.
9) We opened our customary one present for Christmas Eve. Mine was Boom Blox from JP. It's an awesome game, that is part Jenga, part wanton destruction, part puzzle game, and loads of fun. I played through some of the co-op multi-player with Jenny and Leo and tested out the competitive stuff with J-P before dabbling in the single player stuff on my own.
10) Tradional Pickett Christmas Cookies - Almond Butter cookie base, dipped in chocolate with sprinkles.
11) monster claus
12) the nightmare before christmas original poem

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Vacation Begins

1) Tiffany drove us to work
2) Ignoring a phone call that I didn't want to deal with until I got back the following week.
3) We ordered pizza capri for lunch we got the Verdure "brushed with garlic white wine sauce and topped with artichoke hearts, and fresh spinach with a blend of cheeses" So good!!
4) Gingerbread flavored fro-yo
5) Renee got everyone a mug with their first initial on it. She also got me a cool little lego ipod dock.
6) Someone named Jake apparently reads this blog. He commented on the rainbow council post. I'm happy for the input and sort of amazed that anyone outside of my friends and family would find this blog interesting enough to keep up with.
7) Pushing Daisies - the narrator said "oh hell no" - also as usual I am totally with Olive, she needs to get let in on the secrets.
8) Read through the whole archive of the delightful Abominable Charles Christopher
9) Checked my flight status so I didn't get to the airport too early (my flight was delayed 3 hours)
10) On the way home from the airport there was some freezing rain and then true to those signs the bridge did freeze faster than the road elsewhere and there was an accident with a couple cars and a tractor trailer in front of us that blocked the road and mads us stationary for an hour and a half. Adding that to my plane delay is was around 3:30 when we finally got home, but at least we got there safely.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Pictures when I get back to Chicago

1) The Ill Made Knight part TOaFK is so good
2) IGN's History of Zelda - Not because it's new information, but because I love that series so much I don't mind reliving it in any way.
3) delicate civilization
4) kitchen heater fixed
5) Lego Josh - NEEDS PICTURE
6) Great bus luck on the way to Krista's for dinner
7) Krista's new hair really suits her
8) Steaks and yams and green beans and wine delicious!
9) When I was walking home there was a woman trying to pushs her car out of the snow. I went over and pushed it out no problem. It made me feel strong and helpful. She was very grateful.
10) Lego Ben - NEEDS PICTURE

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Too cold

1) Oatmeal with maple syrup and brown sugar
2) More bohnanza
3) Borrowed scarf kept me from the worst of the cold. My eyelashes still froze though. That was ridiculous.
4) The pipes in my kitchen were not completely frozen even though I had foolishly turned the heat all the way off and not left the faucet dripping.
5) Lunch with Space Ghost Coast to Coast
6) Tiny warmth nap on the sofa in front of the heater
7) Getting stuff in order around my apartment
8) Then I went on a date. The first date I've gone in years. Even though the date itself was not great. The fact that I went on one is progress at least.
9) The food at Tango Sur was delicious.
10) lego hoth display
11) Then I called the other guy I met at the nerds dating event and set up another date which is already going better.

Awesomeness upon Awesomeness

1) Waking up with alex and stephaie and paul aroud just like old times
2) orange juice, clementines and tasty french toast!
3) Playing Princes of Florence correctly
4) We went downtown to Chriskindlmart, which Alex took full advantage of and Wow Bao which is scrumptious.
5) Then we went to Marbles. We all had fun playing around with the puzzles and stuff they have on display. I got something for Tiffany and Renee for their birthdays and I got an Origami Day Calendar for Stephanie for Christmas. Then we went to the Lego store, the board game store and Trader Joe's.
6) Alex and I played through 100cc on Stephanie's Mario Kart since she (rightfully) hates bikes.
7) Meat sauce and garlic bread for dinner!
8) Then we played Bohnanza until the other arrived.
9) Then we played Shadows of Camelot with the "Merlin's Company" expansion and Tiffany (traitor!), Seth and Krista.
10) Stephanie made an incredible SWEET POTATO PIE! There were also delicious Orange Cranberry cookies.
11) Helping stephanie sort puzzle pieces while we all hung out and talked about Rembrandt

Friday, December 19, 2008

There was not as much snow as they predicted

1) SleepyDave won this morning. I was happy to give in for a couple hours.
2) It was done snowing by the time I left
3) Beating the rush to post office
4) Finally sending package to Anat
6) Productive and short day. The best kind!
7) Alex Sugarbaker! We all spent the weekend at Paul and Stephanie's.
8) Dinner at Peruvian(?) place. I had sirloin tips that were sauteed with onions and french fries. Yes the the french fires were sauteed. Delicious.
9) Obligatory snowball fight with Paul and Alex
10) Alex got me Princes of Florence and so I taught him and Paul how to play (although I got one rule terribly wrong the first time)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Internet is a Funny Place

1) I downloaded "Thinking Amelia" (legally even) I just really love it.
2) made plans for a date (although that one didn't go too great)
3) josh taking initiative and cleaning up the office
4) So at Dana's party the topic came up "What are the top 5 (unranked) funniest internet videos?" and Tiffany and Seth and Krista and I decided we would all compile our lists over the week and compare them at dinner at my house. I had fun watching through my youtube favorites and such to try and decide. I did not consider videos that were produced for TV or film, except for the nutrigrain commercial because I can't believe that ever actually aired on television. Even then I had trouble narrowing it down to five, each one I chose only seemed to indicate how many I was leaving out. Anyway, here's what I eventually picked:
Bjork vs. PDiddy
George Washington
Nutrigrain Ad
Charlie the Unicorn 2
GI Joe PSA - Porkchop Sandwiches
5) I nap on the train like every day now. I've gotten very good at it
6) Sometimes I amaze myself with what I make out of lego. Today I made a (bipedal) shark costume for a minifig. Pictures are needed, I know.
7) Krista, Tiffany and Seth had some favorites that overlapped with mine. Everyone had Washinton, everyone but Krista had Nutrigrain and Charlie the Unicorn 2. There were other ones I considered as well as some I had never seen before. What do you think the 5 funniest internet videos are?
8) Dinner with tiffany seth and krista - tacos
9) office and 30 rock repeats - oprah! octuples tennis!
10) dishes because i certainly won't want to do them tomorrow, saturday or sunday
11) The Dr. Horrible soundtrack is still amazing (in case you were wondering)

Short Update

My apologies for being so dreadfully behind on posting, but it's only because my life has been too busy being awesome to give me time to blog. Today "Choose Your Own Storyline: The Fight for Paradise Hills" won Most Humorous and Best Picture in the NSIT five minute film festival! I got some awesome prizes totaling roughly $1000! Absurd (and awesome)! It was also runner up for most original. The Faust Arp music video was runner up for most artistic. There were only two other categories.

Also Alex is going to be in town this weekend and then I'll be heading home for Christmas. I'll probably do some catching up in the airport. Till then, be wonderful!

(Oh and yes I realize that this blog is now over a year old, I will celebrate that properly when I get to it in the backlog.)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wonderful Overload

1) today's xkcd was hilarious
2) the song "Thinking Amelia" Also, my pandora station "girl power" gave me a great bunch of songs in a row today
3) Went to NSIT's five minute film festival. Saw some cool films and collected a bunch of great prizes with mine.
4) Prizes! Another ipod Nano (I gave it to my Dad since he was the only family member without one) An awesome handheld HD video camera. A memory card and microphone for said camera.
5)I also enjoyed zero punctuation of sonic unleashed
6) lego wants ideas for new playthemes
7) Then I went to "Dating for Queer Nerds" because bars are scary but I really do want to meet people. Having boardgames as a framework made it easier for me for sure. Also I won a kalediscope for knowing that there are 206 bones in the human body.
8) I left with not one but two potential dates
9) The red line came just as I got on the platform
10) CYOS: TFFPH is on comcast on demand?!
11)the piano

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Tuesday, what more do you want?

1) TJ's frosted wheats are better than kelloggs frosted miniwheats
2) talking to jeremy
3) figuring out how to get squeeze working on that other computer
4) 174 still running during break
5) nap on train
6) e102 parts of SA better than amy parts
7) stephanie!
8) four episodes of arrested devlopment - in person
9) turkey pita thing
10) voodoo

Monday, December 15, 2008

Comp Day

1) sleeping in my warm bed while it's so cold outside
2) actual breakfast thanks to groceries
3) tony stark/pepper potts (Shia LaBeouf) fic
4) successful Christmas shopping downtown I found this great store that has mind games and puzzles etc. It’s called Marbles. I got their last copy of Quarto for Jenny and Leo.
5)Man tries to pay a bill with a drawing of a spider
6) did some laundry
7) space ghost and annies bowl for dinner and folding laundry
8) sequel to Iron man fic -building a secret lair
9) yoga
10) ad- forget me now

Sunday, December 14, 2008

This was a video game weekend apparently

1) Played Tails part of SA
2) Potbellies for lunch accompanied by the Daily Show
3) Finished that animation! It was a nice experiment.
4) It was actually kind of warm out so I took advantage of the weather and went for a run by the lake.
5) Watched some SGCTC
6) Tlaked to mom and dad
7) Took out a zipcar for an hour and a half and did shopping at both trader joes and jewel (it was raining). Now that’s efficient.
8) The all fruit trail mix from Trader Joes is delicious
9) Read all anders and maria LINK from past to present. Drama!
10) no work tomorrow! I got the day off because I had worked so much overtime the week before. Unlike last year where I just worked a lot of overtime with no compensation at all.
11) Knuckles Part of SA

It's done!

Not bad for an exercise

I really meant to go to sleep 4 hours ago

But then I looked at my animation to remind myself where it was at and ended up adding a bunch more to it. I'm not as pleased with the stuff I did today, but this is really just an exercise anyway. Here's the latest.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dana Day

1) Plenty of sleep

2) Met Dana for brunch at John's Place - she had challah french toast (which I sampled) - she had pumpkin pie pancakes

3) Then we went to see The Snow Queen. For her birthday I got her tickets to a show of her choice and this was her choice and a good choice it was and how many more times can I squeeze the word choice into this sentence? My favorite songs were the one about the snow queen and the one about the golden comb a.k.a. the ones about evil women, not that I have a thing for evil women or anything *cough*CarmenSanDiego*cough* *sneeze*when-I-was-a-kid-I-dressed-up-as-the-wicked-witch-of-the-west*sneeze* There were these giant women puppet/cosutmes that you need to look at. There was a bejeweled eyepatch on the robber mom. The love letter on a fish came out of nowhere. The north wind was played by an old man who was hilarious.

4) Then we got tea at The Bourgeois Pig. I also got more brownie than I bagained for.

5) After I bid her adieu I went home and took a nap

6) Then I watched an episode or two of NE while sorting lego.

7) Also watched few episodes of sgctc.

8) Separated brown from frown (fake + brown, not quite as obvious or perfect as bley = blue+grey, which sounds as gross as it looks.)

9) Put up christmas lights

10) Did about half of my christmas shoppingon amazon. What did people do before the internet?

11) Played some mega man 3

This Blog is One Year Old

To celebrate I spent the day inebriated. Actually, that was because it was the day of my office's holiday parties. But let's say it was for the blog. How did you celebrate?

1) In the morning I went over to Tiffany's apartment for mimosas, pancakes & bacon.

2) We then "worked from home" for a while before meandering to the Communication holiday lunch. Along the way we were accosted by centro claus poster ads which we mocked relentlessly.

3) Then we were at Lawry's for the party. It was a fancy place, it had a "grand staircase". I had an amaretto sour and antoher mimosa. I sat next to Phyllis at a table that had two people from each office (most of the other tables were divided by office).

4) Then CMIG headed over to the Green Door Tavern for our office holiday after-party. We had a god time. I had three woodchucks. I received compliments about my e-mails. Apparently they are well written.

5) Commuting back north with Tiffany. I almost lost my shoe trying to catch a train and i remember the i-i-i-i-i-am-a-guy-guy song from my childhood.

6) Home for a bit - chipotle bowl for dinner (if I had realized ho much food Dana was going to have at her party I would not have eaten anything.

7) Jack and Ellis

8) Dana's party latkes! pie! vegetables! more woodchuck (and eggnog and a different cider)! those artichoke squares! Dana's reaction to my housewarming gift (mindblowing science)! chocolate mint pie!

9) Geeking out with Tiffany. I first talked to her about Merlyn vs. Gandalf vs. Dumbledore. Then I introduced her and Seth to Quarto. After we played a couple rounds Tiffany started organizing the pieces. And then we analysed her method of srting and thought about other ways the pieces might be sorted.

10) A really good day all in all - even though I was drinking through the whoel day and entered a sort of haze I didn't get hungover badly or anything like that. Hooray!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Faust Arp beginning

So I could have spent this evening updating my blog or catching up on sleep, but instead I did something much cooler. I have had videos for all of "In Rainbows" in my head for a while and i decide i should get the shortest one out in the next four days so I can submit it to the NSIT 5 minute film festival. This type of animation is much easier than stop-animation, thanks Motion!

Here's what I got so far.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

spaces between items are excessive

1) TOaFK - The sword has been pulled from the stone
2) good, relaxed day at work
3) not having to go grocery shopping
4) leftovers
5) lots of sandman
6) having a nice chunk of time to myself
7) office -phyllis kicked ass
8) 30 rock - the postmaster general was mentioned
9) worked on some animation (that would be the faust arp one)
10) andre callot's mockumentary - much better than the spirit of christmas
11) talking to karan

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nobel Ceremony

Today was crazy. We were doing a four camera shoot of Nambu's Nobel Ceremony that was be sent out via webcast, satellite broadcast and campus TV. During the ceremony we were also showing excerpts from the main Nobel Ceremony, which had happened only hours before in Sweden. With all the time it takes for 1) the ceremony to actualy happen 2) the footage off that to be captured from the tape into a usable format 3)rendring and exporting and converting that footage so it can be shown at our ceremony, it left very little time to actually do the editing. And at the same time there are a dozen other things trying to be done, four laptops and eight employees was barely sufficient. But we got it done with no major mess-ups.

1) didn't have crazy anxiety dreams despite the craziness of the day

2) handed off tapes successfully (thanks Dave Nagel!)

3) we were wearing intercoms during the nobel event and they were kind of fun

4) I did what I do best in a team and filled in the gaps - so I was editing, managing, camera operating at various times.

5) The lunch spread provided for us was high quality

6) Julie Peterson told me I clean up nice

7) Getting to Stephanie's and having the craziness be over.

8) torchwood and pushing daisies

9) meat sauce & ice cream sandwich

10) hitting her christmas tree and later helping paul string the lights on it

11) the crazy part of the week was over

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

capitalization is overrated

1) once and future king- geese part

2) egg, spinach, tomato and provolone bagel from Einstein Bros

3) our corrupt-ass governor was arrested

4) snagglepuss and other youtubery with dave nagel and tiffany

5) online subway ordering from hutch is too easy

6) dave nagel taking over that printing to tape project

7) commuting home with Tiffany (to her house for dinner with her, seth and Krista)

8) pizza, wings and beer

9) making fun of house and fringe

10) catching the belmont bus (the weather was god awful)

Monday, December 8, 2008


I focused on smaller creatures this time around so there are even more to sentence to death... I mean... not vote on. Without further ado, I present my desk's current menagerie.

Fizzard - sinuous and ugly

Snant - tiny and adorable

Wide-necked spade-tailed bug-eyed Glup - illusive and long-winded

Small-mouthed Ellegg - like sheldon and those easter island sculptures rolled into one

Faunt - bzzzz

The Abomination

Crocat - clownish and bewildering

Pinpuraptorant - beautiful and deadly - can any beast stand in it's way?

This was a weird day

1) TOaFK - the questing beast is so adorable

2) Talking with Eric Benson about The Bad Plus etc.

3) Leaving a little early because I spent the whole day feeling sickish

4) Soup and OJ

5) Finally sending off wedding DVDs to Erika

6) I saw a job posting for a job as a video editor that enabled fantasies if nothing else.

7) Had a rejuvenap (=rejuvenating nap)

8) Voting on pillage the village

9) Reading through brickjournal 4

10) Made monster poll (which just finished) and uploaded pictures to flickr

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Must be a Sunday

1) Waking up late again

2) Did a minimal amount of laundry - just enough to get by.

3) Watched the latest episode of the Daily Show.

4) The Once and Future King is so absorbing I barely noticed the cold (ha!) on my way to Hype Park.

5) Fresh mozz sandwich and naked juice for dinner

6) The reason I had to go in on the weekedn was there was a buttload of tapes that needed to be captured. Since noone else was there I was able to use three computers, two cameras and a deck to set up a capturing farm and do it thrice as fast as it would have taken otherwise.

7) Thus I was only there for 4 hours

8) Talking to mom and dad

9) CTA bus tracker - keeps me from being out in the cold longer than is absolutely necessary.

10) Emptying the drawer full of minifigs. I put a bunch on the stadium temporarily, others were added to the Star Destroyer, others thrown in the "To Sort" bin etc. I have a lot of Star Wars minifigs.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


1) Woke up when my alarm went off at 9, turned it off and went into the living room on the couch right in front of the heater and slept there for another hour

2) Decided not to go to work today after all

3) Sausage for breakfast

4) Worked on the stadium more. I'm ridiculously proud of the soccer ball in the middle so don't even think about dissing it. Of course in the animation the field will either be completely filled or entirely in the monster, but I wanted to give a sense of what both look like (except I don't have quite enough green for it to be completely filled).

This give you a sense of just how big the field monster is in relation to the stands etc.

I only have one prisoner body right now, but this should give some idea of the chaos I want to be present in the final thing.

Here are the (mostly vacant) stands. My idea for the next lego party (sometime in January is to have all the people parts out and have other people make characters to fill the stands. Also I will replace all those advertisements with relevant ones for the NNN world.

The only people there now are the super fans. I sense trouble brewing...

5) Sorted for a couple hours

6) Watched two NE episodes - the big kiss & all is vanity

7) Ate leftovers for lunch

8) Caught up on blog. Ha, Posting this three weeks later makes this seem less impressive.

9) Then I went over to Dana's apartment to her with a special project. Without the picture it is meaningless, but once I get it all will be explained. Until then just imagine Dana and I as adorable penguins.

10) Then we went to a Motown dance party at the Hideout. It was actually a lot of fun. I don't usually (ever) dance, but the music was good and I wasn't worried about impressing anyone and Dana is just so fun and fun loving that it would have been impossible not to have a good time. At one point we were doing dances based on construction workers and she did an arc welder.

11) At some point during the evening Dana expressed her desire to be in a band. Not because she wants to play music, but just because she wants to take album cover photos. We then decided we could start a band that only took pictures and didn't play music. What would you call such a band? Dana suggested "Click" which I logically transformed into "Clique" and then "Cliq." (For a Mr. Show Sketch with a similar idea, go to 8:24 here and then continue here.

11) Treat Her Right that video is ridiculous, but I really like the song.

Long days are extra exhausting

1) Spent some time in the fire escape office in the morning. Had to resist the urge to organize and name the computers, but it was nice to see that they continue to get by without me.

2) Avoided going outside twice

3) I was at work for about 13 hours today. The latter few I wasn't doing work, I was eating dinner and lloking at the internet and working on personal stuff, I stilla had to be physically present for 13 hours. So in the afternoon I sat around doing nothing for an hour. I had a tape capturing and i think I helped Tiffany with something for a couple minutes, but otherwise I just sat around staring into space and listening to music it was nice.

4) Both Theo and Mel tole me how they had talked about my presentation with other people during that week. Mel was at some sort of graduate workshop about toys and it apparently was very apropos.

5) California wrap for dinner

6) The reason I had to be at work at 8 PM on a Friday night was to attend the Chicago in 60 Seconds (and FE Intro project) screening. All the films screened and then Renee announced the winners and I handed out and collected ballots for the audience favorite award. The intro project portion was short and pretty decent. "Trivial Pursuit" was by far the best. Mostly because of the hunted look in Joe's eyes, but also because it reminded me of this Kids in the Hall sketch. Man, the internet is great. In ye olden days I would have just tried to describe it to you... on paper.

7) Ride with Renee from campus to downtown

8) I had my laptop so I did a little blogging on the train.

9) New bit of j & e

10) Then as a way to wind down after a long week I built with legos for a couple hours. Pictures on tomorrow's post.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

But I remebered to title this one

1) Getting in at 8 is just better that getting in at 10. I mean ( would obviously make the most sense, but the commute at that time is just heinous. But when I gte in at 8 I feel like I get more done in the day and when I leave it's not completely dark ye, so that's always nice.

2) I put together 4 different orders today - new equipment, tapes, office supplies and food. I really enjoy doing this, I mean how often do you get to order $2000 worth of stuff at once? Also. Peapod is a lot of fun

3) very productive day

4) once and future king is still awesome (in case you were wondering)

5) okami with stephanie - stephanie found that guy's rabbit and we figured out the lightning ghost Stephanie also found a new brush technique, we can now make it rain

6) office - chairs vs copier

7) 30 rock - Kenneth vs Tracy and Jenna in the elevator, Liz and Jack at here high school reunion

8) I accidentally imagined something absolutely terrifying - Teleporting Raptors. Well admit that I would not want a worl with teleporting raptors, I found Stephanie's terror and her outrage with me for thinking them up hilarions. I was laughing so hard tears came out. This may seem mean, but "it's just so easy, I cant help myself."<3

9) More jack and ellis

10) I seriously cannot resist mango slices

11) I did not feel as frantic at the end of the day as I have the past few

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This one too

1) once and future king - Merlyn appears! I do love me a good wizard and Merlyn does not disappoint. I already like him more than Gandalf. I'll have to wait and see how he fairs against Dumbledore. I keep trying to imagine what the wrold must look likke for him, living backwards and all. Is it a pure reversal, or does he jump back and live forward a bit? It must be very confusing.

2) Merlyn's owl, Archimedes, is awesome, and I wish we saw him more.

3) Renee was back today. I had a whole bunch of questions that only she could answer so I was glad for that, but I was also just glad to have her back.

4) She brought me a bobbly head turtle like the one Stephanie got me except this one is red and bulbous. I can not decide if they are siblings or coursins or lovers.

5) Speaking of Stephanie, I saw her tongiht after what had seemed like an eternity. To think that last year we only saw eachother once or twice a month. Ridiculuous!

6) PD - Robbing Hood - Olive impersonating a rich woman with Pigby was incredible.

7) PD - tonight's episode - Waffle Nazi, Olive and Ned teaming up to solve a crime AND win the competition, Olive being generally awesome, etc.

8) Ice cream sandwich!

9) A new procrastinator post! I love how so many pictures of Isaiah are him in the middle of a mess. The way he has his eyes closed and is holding his hands in this one it looks like he is meditating.

10) Taking a shower and making my lunch at night so I don't have to get up (quite as) early the next morning.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I forgot to title this one

1) Started once and future king - so good!

2) e-mails from Talya

3) Helping Joe out

4) leftovers - j-p's steak and potatoes and tomatoes

5) Space Ghost Coast to Coast - live action thing

6) Sonic Adventure - I played Sonic Adventure 2 when it came out for the gamcube, but I never got around to buying the original although I had it on good word that it was in some ways better ("a more pure Sonic experience"). Of course this is a port from the Dreamcast original which means the game is almost 10 years old now. And boy does it show. It's unfortunate that the Sonic franchise has failed so miserably since going 3d, because those orginial 2d games were awesome.

7) Speed highway is an incredible level. It would have blown my mind if i had played it in 1999.

8) Lost world was also very good, there were a lot of good levels and while none of them were as incredible as the best levels in SA2, I didn't have to listen to Knuckles rapping or walk around in Tail's awful mech to experience them so there's that. Of course to get to the final level I have to go through and beat the game with all the other characters.

9) Tails is first because I do so love to fly.

10) Wikipedia spiral - it's been a while, but it's good to know that it is still there

Monday, December 1, 2008

The changing face of LEGO: the death of imagination and the rise of otherized imperialism

1) Reading jack and ellis on the way to work

2) Working on something creative at work

3) Building new monsters (pictures and poll to come)

4) Reading jack and ellis on the way back form work - shocking revelations!

5) Trader Joe’s is always a delight

6) Not having to pick up anybody from Hyde Park on the way to the Supper Session. What’s a supper session -- I’ve been to two (the other one was in November so goes unblogged)-- basically a potluck dinner with a few presentations. The attendees are mostly recent U of C alumni. This week I was not only attending, I was presenting as well!

7) Seeing so many friendly and familiar faces.
-Tiffany and Seth are a given, they’ve been at every one I have. We are like a posse.
-Theo was also a given since I knew he was presenting, but as he has been in New York since he graduated this was the first I’d seen him in quite a while.
- Krista, who I don’t seen often enough
- Dana was great as always and laid down the law when needed – providing information about a study, prodding Theo to give the explanation he was talking circles around, wrapping up the devolving debate after my talk and being an awesome navigator on the way back.
- I was worried that Elise would not have fun, but she totally got into it and was asking really good questions and being, as she put it “opinionated and chatty” and said that she is already planning to give a presentation of her own. Her enthusiasm was awesome.
- Mead, who understood best of anyone present the true significance of The Bill and Mary Idea book.
- Joe, Jim, (Jim's bro mike) and Mel, who got the projector there and generally represented for FE.
- Ben Kolak, who predictably had come up with a way I could get money to research Legos -- if I was half as entrepreneurial as he is.

8) I enjoyed giving my presentation. It's been a long time since I've done anything like that. I guess I've never really done anything exactly like it, I mean I gave presentations in school, but those were always mandatory things and usually on lame subjects. What did I talk about? Well you can see the outline I wrote up and used to make my powerpoint from here. But basically I was talking about the changes in the way lego has presented itself over the years moving from a peaceful, open, imaginative world like the one shown here to the violent, overly-defined one here.

9) More so I enjoyed the debate/discussion it sparked and talking with people afterwards. There were a lot of people with question and opinions and I didn’t so much respond as sit and watch and occasionally call on someone with their hand raised. I didn’t have to do this much as people were just calling things out. Getting people (who don’t collect already them) talking this excitedly about legos was amazing for me. This was the much discussion I've seen following a supper session ever.
After Dana expertly closed the discussion I was immediately confronted and questioned by two guys who were clearly former lego maniacs. They wanted to know when the lego convention was. I then had a good discussion with Jim.

10) I got so caught up in talking that I completely forgot to check what time it was until my ZipCar reservation was almost up. However I then used my iphone to extend the reservation by an hour. This took about 30 secs. Amazing.