Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This one too

1) once and future king - Merlyn appears! I do love me a good wizard and Merlyn does not disappoint. I already like him more than Gandalf. I'll have to wait and see how he fairs against Dumbledore. I keep trying to imagine what the wrold must look likke for him, living backwards and all. Is it a pure reversal, or does he jump back and live forward a bit? It must be very confusing.

2) Merlyn's owl, Archimedes, is awesome, and I wish we saw him more.

3) Renee was back today. I had a whole bunch of questions that only she could answer so I was glad for that, but I was also just glad to have her back.

4) She brought me a bobbly head turtle like the one Stephanie got me except this one is red and bulbous. I can not decide if they are siblings or coursins or lovers.

5) Speaking of Stephanie, I saw her tongiht after what had seemed like an eternity. To think that last year we only saw eachother once or twice a month. Ridiculuous!

6) PD - Robbing Hood - Olive impersonating a rich woman with Pigby was incredible.

7) PD - tonight's episode - Waffle Nazi, Olive and Ned teaming up to solve a crime AND win the competition, Olive being generally awesome, etc.

8) Ice cream sandwich!

9) A new procrastinator post! I love how so many pictures of Isaiah are him in the middle of a mess. The way he has his eyes closed and is holding his hands in this one it looks like he is meditating.

10) Taking a shower and making my lunch at night so I don't have to get up (quite as) early the next morning.

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