Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I forgot to title this one

1) Started once and future king - so good!

2) e-mails from Talya

3) Helping Joe out

4) leftovers - j-p's steak and potatoes and tomatoes

5) Space Ghost Coast to Coast - live action thing

6) Sonic Adventure - I played Sonic Adventure 2 when it came out for the gamcube, but I never got around to buying the original although I had it on good word that it was in some ways better ("a more pure Sonic experience"). Of course this is a port from the Dreamcast original which means the game is almost 10 years old now. And boy does it show. It's unfortunate that the Sonic franchise has failed so miserably since going 3d, because those orginial 2d games were awesome.

7) Speed highway is an incredible level. It would have blown my mind if i had played it in 1999.

8) Lost world was also very good, there were a lot of good levels and while none of them were as incredible as the best levels in SA2, I didn't have to listen to Knuckles rapping or walk around in Tail's awful mech to experience them so there's that. Of course to get to the final level I have to go through and beat the game with all the other characters.

9) Tails is first because I do so love to fly.

10) Wikipedia spiral - it's been a while, but it's good to know that it is still there

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