Sunday, December 21, 2008

Awesomeness upon Awesomeness

1) Waking up with alex and stephaie and paul aroud just like old times
2) orange juice, clementines and tasty french toast!
3) Playing Princes of Florence correctly
4) We went downtown to Chriskindlmart, which Alex took full advantage of and Wow Bao which is scrumptious.
5) Then we went to Marbles. We all had fun playing around with the puzzles and stuff they have on display. I got something for Tiffany and Renee for their birthdays and I got an Origami Day Calendar for Stephanie for Christmas. Then we went to the Lego store, the board game store and Trader Joe's.
6) Alex and I played through 100cc on Stephanie's Mario Kart since she (rightfully) hates bikes.
7) Meat sauce and garlic bread for dinner!
8) Then we played Bohnanza until the other arrived.
9) Then we played Shadows of Camelot with the "Merlin's Company" expansion and Tiffany (traitor!), Seth and Krista.
10) Stephanie made an incredible SWEET POTATO PIE! There were also delicious Orange Cranberry cookies.
11) Helping stephanie sort puzzle pieces while we all hung out and talked about Rembrandt

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