Thursday, December 4, 2008

But I remebered to title this one

1) Getting in at 8 is just better that getting in at 10. I mean ( would obviously make the most sense, but the commute at that time is just heinous. But when I gte in at 8 I feel like I get more done in the day and when I leave it's not completely dark ye, so that's always nice.

2) I put together 4 different orders today - new equipment, tapes, office supplies and food. I really enjoy doing this, I mean how often do you get to order $2000 worth of stuff at once? Also. Peapod is a lot of fun

3) very productive day

4) once and future king is still awesome (in case you were wondering)

5) okami with stephanie - stephanie found that guy's rabbit and we figured out the lightning ghost Stephanie also found a new brush technique, we can now make it rain

6) office - chairs vs copier

7) 30 rock - Kenneth vs Tracy and Jenna in the elevator, Liz and Jack at here high school reunion

8) I accidentally imagined something absolutely terrifying - Teleporting Raptors. Well admit that I would not want a worl with teleporting raptors, I found Stephanie's terror and her outrage with me for thinking them up hilarions. I was laughing so hard tears came out. This may seem mean, but "it's just so easy, I cant help myself."<3

9) More jack and ellis

10) I seriously cannot resist mango slices

11) I did not feel as frantic at the end of the day as I have the past few

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