Monday, December 1, 2008

The changing face of LEGO: the death of imagination and the rise of otherized imperialism

1) Reading jack and ellis on the way to work

2) Working on something creative at work

3) Building new monsters (pictures and poll to come)

4) Reading jack and ellis on the way back form work - shocking revelations!

5) Trader Joe’s is always a delight

6) Not having to pick up anybody from Hyde Park on the way to the Supper Session. What’s a supper session -- I’ve been to two (the other one was in November so goes unblogged)-- basically a potluck dinner with a few presentations. The attendees are mostly recent U of C alumni. This week I was not only attending, I was presenting as well!

7) Seeing so many friendly and familiar faces.
-Tiffany and Seth are a given, they’ve been at every one I have. We are like a posse.
-Theo was also a given since I knew he was presenting, but as he has been in New York since he graduated this was the first I’d seen him in quite a while.
- Krista, who I don’t seen often enough
- Dana was great as always and laid down the law when needed – providing information about a study, prodding Theo to give the explanation he was talking circles around, wrapping up the devolving debate after my talk and being an awesome navigator on the way back.
- I was worried that Elise would not have fun, but she totally got into it and was asking really good questions and being, as she put it “opinionated and chatty” and said that she is already planning to give a presentation of her own. Her enthusiasm was awesome.
- Mead, who understood best of anyone present the true significance of The Bill and Mary Idea book.
- Joe, Jim, (Jim's bro mike) and Mel, who got the projector there and generally represented for FE.
- Ben Kolak, who predictably had come up with a way I could get money to research Legos -- if I was half as entrepreneurial as he is.

8) I enjoyed giving my presentation. It's been a long time since I've done anything like that. I guess I've never really done anything exactly like it, I mean I gave presentations in school, but those were always mandatory things and usually on lame subjects. What did I talk about? Well you can see the outline I wrote up and used to make my powerpoint from here. But basically I was talking about the changes in the way lego has presented itself over the years moving from a peaceful, open, imaginative world like the one shown here to the violent, overly-defined one here.

9) More so I enjoyed the debate/discussion it sparked and talking with people afterwards. There were a lot of people with question and opinions and I didn’t so much respond as sit and watch and occasionally call on someone with their hand raised. I didn’t have to do this much as people were just calling things out. Getting people (who don’t collect already them) talking this excitedly about legos was amazing for me. This was the much discussion I've seen following a supper session ever.
After Dana expertly closed the discussion I was immediately confronted and questioned by two guys who were clearly former lego maniacs. They wanted to know when the lego convention was. I then had a good discussion with Jim.

10) I got so caught up in talking that I completely forgot to check what time it was until my ZipCar reservation was almost up. However I then used my iphone to extend the reservation by an hour. This took about 30 secs. Amazing.

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