Saturday, December 27, 2008

Finally Caught Up!

1) Crazy dreams about buses and kutz and julie peterson - also, lots of sleep
2) wii fit with jenny and leo
3) quarto with leo
4) meatballs and sausage for lunch
5) rock band
6) Peeling an orange with isaiah. I would start a bit and then let him grab it and pull it off - very similar to the way he unwrapped presents. He really enjoyed it.
7) Worked on some posts on my laptop in the car on our way down to Philly.
8) Isaiah was very excited about seeing Uncle JP again and kept saying his name excitedly.
9) Dinner at Dmitri's was delicious as always.
10) Talking to Karan and Max
11) More posting
12) Pumpkin Pie and Reeses cups

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