Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nobel Ceremony

Today was crazy. We were doing a four camera shoot of Nambu's Nobel Ceremony that was be sent out via webcast, satellite broadcast and campus TV. During the ceremony we were also showing excerpts from the main Nobel Ceremony, which had happened only hours before in Sweden. With all the time it takes for 1) the ceremony to actualy happen 2) the footage off that to be captured from the tape into a usable format 3)rendring and exporting and converting that footage so it can be shown at our ceremony, it left very little time to actually do the editing. And at the same time there are a dozen other things trying to be done, four laptops and eight employees was barely sufficient. But we got it done with no major mess-ups.

1) didn't have crazy anxiety dreams despite the craziness of the day

2) handed off tapes successfully (thanks Dave Nagel!)

3) we were wearing intercoms during the nobel event and they were kind of fun

4) I did what I do best in a team and filled in the gaps - so I was editing, managing, camera operating at various times.

5) The lunch spread provided for us was high quality

6) Julie Peterson told me I clean up nice

7) Getting to Stephanie's and having the craziness be over.

8) torchwood and pushing daisies

9) meat sauce & ice cream sandwich

10) hitting her christmas tree and later helping paul string the lights on it

11) the crazy part of the week was over

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