Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Internet is a Funny Place

1) I downloaded "Thinking Amelia" (legally even) I just really love it.
2) made plans for a date (although that one didn't go too great)
3) josh taking initiative and cleaning up the office
4) So at Dana's party the topic came up "What are the top 5 (unranked) funniest internet videos?" and Tiffany and Seth and Krista and I decided we would all compile our lists over the week and compare them at dinner at my house. I had fun watching through my youtube favorites and such to try and decide. I did not consider videos that were produced for TV or film, except for the nutrigrain commercial because I can't believe that ever actually aired on television. Even then I had trouble narrowing it down to five, each one I chose only seemed to indicate how many I was leaving out. Anyway, here's what I eventually picked:
Bjork vs. PDiddy
George Washington
Nutrigrain Ad
Charlie the Unicorn 2
GI Joe PSA - Porkchop Sandwiches
5) I nap on the train like every day now. I've gotten very good at it
6) Sometimes I amaze myself with what I make out of lego. Today I made a (bipedal) shark costume for a minifig. Pictures are needed, I know.
7) Krista, Tiffany and Seth had some favorites that overlapped with mine. Everyone had Washinton, everyone but Krista had Nutrigrain and Charlie the Unicorn 2. There were other ones I considered as well as some I had never seen before. What do you think the 5 funniest internet videos are?
8) Dinner with tiffany seth and krista - tacos
9) office and 30 rock repeats - oprah! octuples tennis!
10) dishes because i certainly won't want to do them tomorrow, saturday or sunday
11) The Dr. Horrible soundtrack is still amazing (in case you were wondering)

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