Monday, December 29, 2008

Last vacation day of the year

1) One last day of sleeping like crazy - in addition to many many hours at night I took a brief nap on the way to the airport and of course on the plane.

2) Went out to lunch with mom. It was like the old days when I'd have lunch with her before heading off to kindergarten.

3) crazy posters

4)Had dinner with Dad at the airport.

5)Composing a big New Year's e-mail in the airport

6)Trader Joe's Chocolate Covered Pretzels are too delicious - I'm taking them into work so I don't eat this whole bag myself in two days.

7)The Once and Future King continues to be awesome. Mordred has arrived, I predict trouble.

8) Got home! Stephanie had been by earlier to check on things and left a light on. It was nice to come home to that and her note.

9)Unpacking can be fun

10) Played through a bunch of Boom Blox because I'm still not remotely tired. I wonder why that could be?

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