Saturday, December 6, 2008

Long days are extra exhausting

1) Spent some time in the fire escape office in the morning. Had to resist the urge to organize and name the computers, but it was nice to see that they continue to get by without me.

2) Avoided going outside twice

3) I was at work for about 13 hours today. The latter few I wasn't doing work, I was eating dinner and lloking at the internet and working on personal stuff, I stilla had to be physically present for 13 hours. So in the afternoon I sat around doing nothing for an hour. I had a tape capturing and i think I helped Tiffany with something for a couple minutes, but otherwise I just sat around staring into space and listening to music it was nice.

4) Both Theo and Mel tole me how they had talked about my presentation with other people during that week. Mel was at some sort of graduate workshop about toys and it apparently was very apropos.

5) California wrap for dinner

6) The reason I had to be at work at 8 PM on a Friday night was to attend the Chicago in 60 Seconds (and FE Intro project) screening. All the films screened and then Renee announced the winners and I handed out and collected ballots for the audience favorite award. The intro project portion was short and pretty decent. "Trivial Pursuit" was by far the best. Mostly because of the hunted look in Joe's eyes, but also because it reminded me of this Kids in the Hall sketch. Man, the internet is great. In ye olden days I would have just tried to describe it to you... on paper.

7) Ride with Renee from campus to downtown

8) I had my laptop so I did a little blogging on the train.

9) New bit of j & e

10) Then as a way to wind down after a long week I built with legos for a couple hours. Pictures on tomorrow's post.

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