Sunday, December 7, 2008

Must be a Sunday

1) Waking up late again

2) Did a minimal amount of laundry - just enough to get by.

3) Watched the latest episode of the Daily Show.

4) The Once and Future King is so absorbing I barely noticed the cold (ha!) on my way to Hype Park.

5) Fresh mozz sandwich and naked juice for dinner

6) The reason I had to go in on the weekedn was there was a buttload of tapes that needed to be captured. Since noone else was there I was able to use three computers, two cameras and a deck to set up a capturing farm and do it thrice as fast as it would have taken otherwise.

7) Thus I was only there for 4 hours

8) Talking to mom and dad

9) CTA bus tracker - keeps me from being out in the cold longer than is absolutely necessary.

10) Emptying the drawer full of minifigs. I put a bunch on the stadium temporarily, others were added to the Star Destroyer, others thrown in the "To Sort" bin etc. I have a lot of Star Wars minifigs.

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