Saturday, December 6, 2008


1) Woke up when my alarm went off at 9, turned it off and went into the living room on the couch right in front of the heater and slept there for another hour

2) Decided not to go to work today after all

3) Sausage for breakfast

4) Worked on the stadium more. I'm ridiculously proud of the soccer ball in the middle so don't even think about dissing it. Of course in the animation the field will either be completely filled or entirely in the monster, but I wanted to give a sense of what both look like (except I don't have quite enough green for it to be completely filled).

This give you a sense of just how big the field monster is in relation to the stands etc.

I only have one prisoner body right now, but this should give some idea of the chaos I want to be present in the final thing.

Here are the (mostly vacant) stands. My idea for the next lego party (sometime in January is to have all the people parts out and have other people make characters to fill the stands. Also I will replace all those advertisements with relevant ones for the NNN world.

The only people there now are the super fans. I sense trouble brewing...

5) Sorted for a couple hours

6) Watched two NE episodes - the big kiss & all is vanity

7) Ate leftovers for lunch

8) Caught up on blog. Ha, Posting this three weeks later makes this seem less impressive.

9) Then I went over to Dana's apartment to her with a special project. Without the picture it is meaningless, but once I get it all will be explained. Until then just imagine Dana and I as adorable penguins.

10) Then we went to a Motown dance party at the Hideout. It was actually a lot of fun. I don't usually (ever) dance, but the music was good and I wasn't worried about impressing anyone and Dana is just so fun and fun loving that it would have been impossible not to have a good time. At one point we were doing dances based on construction workers and she did an arc welder.

11) At some point during the evening Dana expressed her desire to be in a band. Not because she wants to play music, but just because she wants to take album cover photos. We then decided we could start a band that only took pictures and didn't play music. What would you call such a band? Dana suggested "Click" which I logically transformed into "Clique" and then "Cliq." (For a Mr. Show Sketch with a similar idea, go to 8:24 here and then continue here.

11) Treat Her Right that video is ridiculous, but I really like the song.

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