Monday, December 22, 2008

Pictures when I get back to Chicago

1) The Ill Made Knight part TOaFK is so good
2) IGN's History of Zelda - Not because it's new information, but because I love that series so much I don't mind reliving it in any way.
3) delicate civilization
4) kitchen heater fixed
5) Lego Josh - NEEDS PICTURE
6) Great bus luck on the way to Krista's for dinner
7) Krista's new hair really suits her
8) Steaks and yams and green beans and wine delicious!
9) When I was walking home there was a woman trying to pushs her car out of the snow. I went over and pushed it out no problem. It made me feel strong and helpful. She was very grateful.
10) Lego Ben - NEEDS PICTURE

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