Sunday, December 28, 2008

Savor these lists while they last

1) Woke up to say goodbye to Leo, Jenny and Isaiah.
2) Returned to bed to get another couple hours of sleep and have a crazy dream that involved Dr. Who, Sir Perceval and Ben Kolak & Adam Dusen becoming friends.
3) Worked up a Lego play theme suggestion. TIME (Temporal Inaccuracy Maintenance & Enforcement) Patrol. TIME Agents vs. Anachronists. Not the most inspired, but I think it could be cool.
4) Mom cut up a mango to go with lunch.
5) Spent the afternoon blogging
6) Leftovers for dinner. Those mashed potatoes are always better the second day.
7) More blogging - finally caught up. I've decided that starting next year/a couple days I am going to switch from 10 wonderful things a day to 10 wonderful things a week. I just can't keep up with this and when I do it usually devolves into lists with a lot of repeats. I mean who really wants a catalog of what TV shows I've watched/what I've eaten? I may still do daily updates, but just have a total of 10 things by the end of the week. We'll see.
8) Apple Crisp & Pumpkin Pie
9) Watched last four episodes of Mr. Show. The last season was great. Too bad it never returned.
10) While I watched I packed up all my stuff. I managed to get the spice rack in with out too much effort!

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