Friday, December 19, 2008

There was not as much snow as they predicted

1) SleepyDave won this morning. I was happy to give in for a couple hours.
2) It was done snowing by the time I left
3) Beating the rush to post office
4) Finally sending package to Anat
6) Productive and short day. The best kind!
7) Alex Sugarbaker! We all spent the weekend at Paul and Stephanie's.
8) Dinner at Peruvian(?) place. I had sirloin tips that were sauteed with onions and french fries. Yes the the french fires were sauteed. Delicious.
9) Obligatory snowball fight with Paul and Alex
10) Alex got me Princes of Florence and so I taught him and Paul how to play (although I got one rule terribly wrong the first time)

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