Saturday, December 13, 2008

This Blog is One Year Old

To celebrate I spent the day inebriated. Actually, that was because it was the day of my office's holiday parties. But let's say it was for the blog. How did you celebrate?

1) In the morning I went over to Tiffany's apartment for mimosas, pancakes & bacon.

2) We then "worked from home" for a while before meandering to the Communication holiday lunch. Along the way we were accosted by centro claus poster ads which we mocked relentlessly.

3) Then we were at Lawry's for the party. It was a fancy place, it had a "grand staircase". I had an amaretto sour and antoher mimosa. I sat next to Phyllis at a table that had two people from each office (most of the other tables were divided by office).

4) Then CMIG headed over to the Green Door Tavern for our office holiday after-party. We had a god time. I had three woodchucks. I received compliments about my e-mails. Apparently they are well written.

5) Commuting back north with Tiffany. I almost lost my shoe trying to catch a train and i remember the i-i-i-i-i-am-a-guy-guy song from my childhood.

6) Home for a bit - chipotle bowl for dinner (if I had realized ho much food Dana was going to have at her party I would not have eaten anything.

7) Jack and Ellis

8) Dana's party latkes! pie! vegetables! more woodchuck (and eggnog and a different cider)! those artichoke squares! Dana's reaction to my housewarming gift (mindblowing science)! chocolate mint pie!

9) Geeking out with Tiffany. I first talked to her about Merlyn vs. Gandalf vs. Dumbledore. Then I introduced her and Seth to Quarto. After we played a couple rounds Tiffany started organizing the pieces. And then we analysed her method of srting and thought about other ways the pieces might be sorted.

10) A really good day all in all - even though I was drinking through the whoel day and entered a sort of haze I didn't get hungover badly or anything like that. Hooray!

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