Sunday, December 14, 2008

This was a video game weekend apparently

1) Played Tails part of SA
2) Potbellies for lunch accompanied by the Daily Show
3) Finished that animation! It was a nice experiment.
4) It was actually kind of warm out so I took advantage of the weather and went for a run by the lake.
5) Watched some SGCTC
6) Tlaked to mom and dad
7) Took out a zipcar for an hour and a half and did shopping at both trader joes and jewel (it was raining). Now that’s efficient.
8) The all fruit trail mix from Trader Joes is delicious
9) Read all anders and maria LINK from past to present. Drama!
10) no work tomorrow! I got the day off because I had worked so much overtime the week before. Unlike last year where I just worked a lot of overtime with no compensation at all.
11) Knuckles Part of SA

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