Thursday, December 25, 2008

The True Meaning of Hide and Seek

1) Not waking up but hearing Isaiah playing and everyone (except the sleeping uncles) laughing upstairs.

2) Playing hide and seek with Isaiah. He runs out of the room to count and yells "no peeking" even though you are the one hiding. If he doesn't find you immediately he will hoot twice. In response you hoot twice and then he finds you and exclaims your name. Repeat until he gets bored or distracted by something else.

3) Breakfast - cinnamon rolls & apple pancakes

4) Some presents (which Isaiah passed out): The beginning of my spice rack, my mom hid all the spices in other presents, some in my presents and others in other people's presents. Kraken attackin', lots of great socks from the Gap. Christmas Coasters sewed by my mom, a couple pictures of Isaiah and a DVD with videos of him. Orange Legos and a $15 itunes giftcard.

5) Then my parents and sister went to mass while the rest of us stayed back to watch Isaiah and set up Rock Band which Leo had just opened. Isaiah was playing with the Little People Sesame Street Playset, which is definitely the best of the little people playsets. There's a merry go round, a revolving door, a big slide, a secret passage slide, a spinning seat - lots of interactive features. There's a crank on the side that you can turn to make the people slide across the top and then go down the big slide. I wanted to demonstrate this feature to Isaiah, so I put the baby figure up there and cranked it along and as I did I sang a little song: babybabybabybaby-slide! He laughed and said "again." I must have done that twenty times that first time. He just kept handing me the baby, or putting it up there himself.
We also played with these orange and green balls, which went into this contraption and came out in one of two spots. He would put the balls in the front and I would say "where'd they go?" to which he'd reply "I know!" and then he would check the two spots where they could be until he had both of them, exclaiming "orangeball!" and "greenball!" when he did.

6) Played Rock Band with the family. A lot of laughs.

7) Isaiah's idea of a fancy meal is Sushi, so we had an appetizer of sushi that was his Christmas dinner. Salmon(cooked), avocado, carrots, peppers. Delcious.

8) Then we opened the rest of the presents. I made out very well. In addition to the things I've already mentioned Season 4 of Mr. Show, Season 1 of Where on Earth is Carmen SanDiego, The Dark Knight, Wario Land: Shake It, Wii Fit (will be shipped to me, because it's really heavy), Loot Island, Brickbeard's Bounty.

9) Played through a bunch of the other competitive Boom Blox modes/levels with JP.

10) Dinner - roast beef, mashed potatoes, rolls, etc. Everything very delicious.

11) Jenny set up her Wii Fit and we all tried out the balance games. I cannot hula hoop for my life, not even virtually.

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