Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twas the night...

1) Sleeping in
2) Pumpkin bread and clementines
3) Being home
4) Jenny and Leo and Isaiah!
5) Isaiah is much more verbose than when I saw him in July. He's got "Uncle Dave" down pat and I lost count of the number of times he said it. There is a song that Jenny and Leo made up for him that goes to the tune of Frere Jacques:
Nana Linda. Nana Linda
Papa Jack. Papa Jack
Uncle Dave and JP. Uncle Dave and JP
Fun fun fun. Fun fun fun.
He sang parts of it several times while he was here, though never when we were trying to record it. He also knows "Jingle Bells" (and it's companion "Jingle Truck/whatever vehicle he asks for" ) and "Wheels on the Bus." He also picks up new words quickly, I was impressed by "ambulance". He also constructs basic sentences like "Papa Jack [is] upstairs [watching] TV." Having never witness the development of any child before, this is mind-blowing.
6) Playing with Isaiah - he really likes tunnels, either for him or for his cars. Also dumping out all the blocks from a bucket. Knocking things down remains a favorite past time as well. He would often command us to build him a tunnel from the big cardboard blocks only to knock it down without even going through it once.
7) Catching up with everyone - JP came in that night.
8) Salmon, potatoes, rice salad thing for dinner.
9) We opened our customary one present for Christmas Eve. Mine was Boom Blox from JP. It's an awesome game, that is part Jenga, part wanton destruction, part puzzle game, and loads of fun. I played through some of the co-op multi-player with Jenny and Leo and tested out the competitive stuff with J-P before dabbling in the single player stuff on my own.
10) Tradional Pickett Christmas Cookies - Almond Butter cookie base, dipped in chocolate with sprinkles.
11) monster claus
12) the nightmare before christmas original poem

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