Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Vacation Begins

1) Tiffany drove us to work
2) Ignoring a phone call that I didn't want to deal with until I got back the following week.
3) We ordered pizza capri for lunch we got the Verdure "brushed with garlic white wine sauce and topped with artichoke hearts, and fresh spinach with a blend of cheeses" So good!!
4) Gingerbread flavored fro-yo
5) Renee got everyone a mug with their first initial on it. She also got me a cool little lego ipod dock.
6) Someone named Jake apparently reads this blog. He commented on the rainbow council post. I'm happy for the input and sort of amazed that anyone outside of my friends and family would find this blog interesting enough to keep up with.
7) Pushing Daisies - the narrator said "oh hell no" - also as usual I am totally with Olive, she needs to get let in on the secrets.
8) Read through the whole archive of the delightful Abominable Charles Christopher
9) Checked my flight status so I didn't get to the airport too early (my flight was delayed 3 hours)
10) On the way home from the airport there was some freezing rain and then true to those signs the bridge did freeze faster than the road elsewhere and there was an accident with a couple cars and a tractor trailer in front of us that blocked the road and mads us stationary for an hour and a half. Adding that to my plane delay is was around 3:30 when we finally got home, but at least we got there safely.

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