Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The verge of a new year

1) Dana tipped me off to this rEdiculous music video. You haven't seen anything until the dragons show up.
2) Remembering my past 10 New Years Eve's. Here's a brief summary of how I've brought in the years.
00' - "First Night" in Doylestown - watching fireworks with Rachel and Jeremy - watching Austin Powers 2 for the first time and sleeping over at Jeremy's mom's house
01' - London - weird pity party with "the girls" - canasta
02' - Jeremy's dad's basement - adult swim -monkey ball - Matt McLean was there too
03' - PGSS reunion at Toby's house in York - snow fight, ping-pong, bean bag toss, Young Frankenstein, bagels & lox
04' - 06' Adam's basement - walks around the forest - sake - MST3K - orange soda - cookie dough from Redner's - running into Rachel, Joe and Fiona by Chuckee Cheese
07' - Jeremy and Adam came over and we watched Top Gun & Fellowship of the ring with Rifftrax and hade mimosas and Jagermeister
08' - Stephanie and Paul came over and we went to Calypso for dinner, we got Bourne Ultimatum at Blockbuster and where joined by Krista and her brother for that and mimosas and congo bars.
3) TOaFK
4) Got Dr. Horrible from Amazon (although it's defective) and new clothes from express.
5) Boom blox
6) nap
7) more boom blox
8) telling krista about the dream
9) taco pile on
10) seeing claire gilbert! (unexpectedly)
11) ringing in the new year with Tiffany and Seth and Krista. We had dinner at Krista's and then went to this big party a couple blocks away and then spent the night at Krista's. Katamari Damacy was played.

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