Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wonderful Overload

1) today's xkcd was hilarious
2) the song "Thinking Amelia" Also, my pandora station "girl power" gave me a great bunch of songs in a row today
3) Went to NSIT's five minute film festival. Saw some cool films and collected a bunch of great prizes with mine.
4) Prizes! Another ipod Nano (I gave it to my Dad since he was the only family member without one) An awesome handheld HD video camera. A memory card and microphone for said camera.
5)I also enjoyed zero punctuation of sonic unleashed
6) lego wants ideas for new playthemes
7) Then I went to "Dating for Queer Nerds" because bars are scary but I really do want to meet people. Having boardgames as a framework made it easier for me for sure. Also I won a kalediscope for knowing that there are 206 bones in the human body.
8) I left with not one but two potential dates
9) The red line came just as I got on the platform
10) CYOS: TFFPH is on comcast on demand?!
11)the piano

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