Monday, January 12, 2009

It was really cold this week

I'm still not used to the flow of these weekly posts. When I was posting 10 things a day, I was usually stretching to fill it out. Now that I have seven whole days to accumulate 10 measly things I find myself sturggling to figure out how to fit it all in. This week I am going to get around it by grouping similar things together.

1) Things you can read on the internet: Tiffany sent me links to a collection of bushisms and an article about this crazy cool apartment that is 24 rooms in 1. There was also a new bit added to Jack and Ellis. Stephanie has started updating her blog again and my friend Lindsay B Champion started one.

2) Fun phone conversations I had: Lila called on Monday night and we talked for a good while. Also I happened to call Dana while she was in the Sacramento airport during a layover on her spontaneous weekend trip to Oregon. We had a short little chat.

3) Things I watched on a television: The last two episodes of Torchwood Season 2 (poor Tosh), 30 Rock (Dr.. Spaceman, St. Bartelby's, etc.), the Office (I totally called Andy hitting Dwight with his car, but I did not realize how awesome it would be, this was one of hte best episodes in a while), Robin Hood Men In Tights (I forgot Dave Chapelle was in it), the rest of the first season of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego (the last couple I watched first thing sunday morning with breakfast - it felt like watching saturday morning cartoons as a kid).

Alright, I ran out of groupable things, the rest I shall just let fall as they may.

4) Not losing my toes to frostbite. On tuesday night Stephanie came over for dinner. It was very cold and the heaters in my apartment were not making much of an impact. My kitchen floor was especillay cold. I was foolishly only wearing a single pair of socks. After a while I didn't even notice it anymore, this should have been my first sign that something was wrong. I but my feet in front of the heater to try and warm them up. It was then then Stephanie looked over and saw my my toes were clearly forstbiten and commanded me to go soak them in water so as to save them. 10 minutes later the color (and blood) had returned to all of my toes. But yeah, I definitely owe my toes to Stephanie. Not my proudest moment. I don't know how it stacks up against getting hypothermia in the middle of the summer, or the incredibly stupid way I broke my right arm, but it certainly isn't something I'm going to brag about.

5) On Wednesday I went over to Christopher's apartment. He made a delicious dinner, roasted chicken, and spinach and artichoke risotto. We watched the movie 9 to 5 which was one of Christopher's favoirte movies when he was growing up (he's a big Dolly Parton fan). I thought the night went really well, but he kept getting hung up on insignificant things (like dropping his fork or burning the dessert a little) and we parted on a strange note. I haven't heard back from him yet...

6) Had lunch with Arthur at Salonica. I found you he's a Doctor Who / Torchwood fan, so we talked about the Whoniverse a bit. We also talked about sleepwalking (I told him about my imfamous "sleeprunning into the bathroom to hide from the Russian Spies who are trying to steal my Bio lab report") and his Ambien induced hallucinations.

7) Paul and Stephanie make damn good cinnimin chickin. The bread and cheese and pineapple was also delicious.

8) I got to be a lot of different characters at Screenwriter's. There was a trippy/dreamy screenplay called Phantom Vibrations.

9) I bought a new TV. I used the upcoming swtich over to digital as my excuse and took advantage of Circuit City's going out of business sale to pick it up. The TVs were only 10% off, so it was basically just taking off the sales tax, but the TV I got was on sale already. It's a 26" LCD HDTV. It's not a whole lot bigger than my last one, but it's much crisper. The difference between the SD channels and the HD channels I pick up with my antenna is absurd. I've had a lot of fun just switching back and forth between the NBCs.

10) Paul (my ex) called me more or less out of the blue yesterday to join him and some of his friends as they hopped around a couple bars in Boystown for his birthday. I ended up having a really good time, even danced a bit, which is unusual for me, but I'm starting to see why people do it. It helped that the bar was playing music I actually know and enjoy (Jamiroquai and Billy Joel!) and that those Melon vodka slushies were so delicious.

11) After Circuit City I made a stop by the Container store, because I always need more containers for Lego sorting. I found these containers, which are meant for papers, folders, business projects etc. They happen to work perfectly for storing plates though and they fit really nicely into my shelving. They were also pretty cheap.

See how nicely they fill up the top middle square?

They are also perfect for storing torsos. When I realized this, I got very excited. I have been storing torsos in a few oddly shaped bins which were awkward and bulky. They fill up on of these cases beautifully though.

This is an example of when sorting is fun, because it is a rewarding aesthetic experience in itself. Here are the transparent pieces I sorted last week, which I also like looking at.


Lindsay Champion said...

Wow, Dave Chappelle in Robin Hood: Men in Tights? That was him?! I would have bet against it. Unbelievable.

I made the list! That's my wonderful thing for the day.

Anonymous said...

Dave, the second to last picture could be a quilt! Mom