Saturday, January 10, 2009

Monster Battle Royale 2: The Reckoning

It's not so much a battle royale as it is a slaughter by the pinpuraptoart, but you get the idea. First, it encounters the lethargic fizzard. Notice the cool mug Renee got me for Christmas.

What a jump!

Can i interest anyone in coffee or dessert?

What's that sneaking up behind? It's the deadly Snant!

A pitter-patter of tiny feet and already it's somewhere else

Oh no it's too fast for our hero!

Or is it?

It isn't

It's almost sad... almost

After a long day, our hero gets some well deserved rest.

But this is just what the dreaded Faunt has been waiting for

For you see, the Faunt is a creature that stalks its prey in their dreams

It whispers sweet nothings to our sleeping hero

It latches on

And swtiches heads?! What's going on?

Who should we be rooting for?

Oh no! Watch out!

Too late!

Our hero wakes up suddenly. "Phew, it was just a dream."

...or was it?

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