Saturday, January 10, 2009

Video Games Ahoy!

1) Went on a Braid internet spiral: It started with this AV club interview with the creator, and a few links later i was reading a behind the scenes of the art design. And the next thing I knew I was reading a talk Feynman gave called What is science?

2) I lost my awesome Lego USB key and then re-found it the next day on the bus! I mean Ias soon as I got off the bus I realized it was missing and exactly when it had fallen out of my bag, but it was too late to get it back. But the next day I got on the bus at exactly the same time (thank god for the 174 being so regular) and it happened to be the exact same bus and no one had noticed my USB key in the 24 hours it sat there (it's the same color as the floor, so I'm sure that helped) so I picked it up and laughed a triumphant laugh.

3) Met Christopher downtown at Star of Siam for dinner on Tuesday and then we went to see "Doubt" which is a slightly awkward movie to see on a date, but it was good and we had a nice time. I think I would like Doubt better as a play. In between we got drinks at the Second Story Bar, the only gay bar downtown apparently.

4) The workdays seemed to go quickly this week.

5) Mead got me some comics from India. They are retelling of famous myths etc. Very cool.

6) Another consequence of my Braid Spiral was playing the games Passage and Gravitation. These are very short games (one is 5 minutes and hte other is 9 minutes, which are only barely video games, they are more like interacive conceptual art or something like that. Warning, they are also both kind of sad.

7) I made dinner for the first time this year - Tortelli Soup = delicious!

8) Another video game I played this week is Crayon Physics Deluxe. I played through the Demo and had and absolute blast and decided I needed more. The game is a puzzle game where you in each level you need to get a red ball to touch a star. You do this by drawing stuff. Unlike most puzzle games there isn't just one solution. There are infinite solutions. Take the level "Needs more Unicorn" for example. This is what it looks like at the beginning:

A simple solution to the level is to just draw another ramp to direct the ball to the star.

Or you might do something more in spirit of the level's name.

I was not able to actually beat the level using these unicorns, even with the later addition of some spinning planks. However I had a blast trying. Some levels I will play around with for nearly an hour even though I see a simple solution almost immediately. I love this game.

9) I spent a few hours this weeked desiging and building this sun creature. In the final version all those flames will be red instead of black and there will be twice as many, but until that bricklink order comes in it''ll stay in prototype. I'm pretty happy with it except that the legs are not great at supporting it, which will be a problem for trying to animate it. Still, not bad for a first draft.

10) On Saturday Christopher and I had dinner at Demera, an Ethipoian restauarnt across the street from the Green Mill. Our waitress kept forgetting us, but the food was delicious. Then we went across the street to Crew, a gay sports bar. Neither of us are in to sports, but it was close and the gay english pub next door was crowded. There was a football game on (some sort of play off) but it wasn't distracting. A great evening all in all.

11) Got interviewed about my Lego collection by a friend of a friend. I never mind talking about LEGOs for an hour or two, so I enjoyed myself.


Gavin said...

I love the Sun Creature, its fantastic!!

Lindsay Champion said...

Haha comment chameleons...

You're lucky someone like me didn't sit in your bus seat, I would've snagged that thing in 5 seconds!