Tuesday, February 10, 2009

10 creations

So there were a lot of cool things that happened this week. It was really warm one day (in the 60s!), Stephanie and I start watching the 4th Season proper of Dr.Who and Donna is awesome, NSIT gave us permission to centralize all the media on campus, Heroes is enjoyable again and Dollhouse has some promise, Sam has started posting another original novel, I read the Subtle Knife (for the second time), and this narwhal video is amazing. However, my 10 things are all going to be things I made or helped make this week, because there are a lot of them and creating might be my favorite activity.

1) Let's start with the lego stuff. I made this forest set for the NNN pilot. It will be used for three parts: the intro sequence, the pre-green commercial and the anti-green commercial.

2) Going along with the forest in the anti-green commercial will be this Goblichaun and trick treasure chest.

3) The Goblichaun also accidentally led to the creation of this villain who will be in a line-up of 4 villains with green costumes in the anti-green commercial. I call him the Pine Baron.

4) This guy was mostly finished, but I added some finishing touches this week. I don't know what he's supposed to be, but he sort of reminded me of the rabbit from Donnie Darko, so I call him Frank.

5) Some of you will remember a previous poll where you had to vote on the eyes of a robot. This is the Pinchbot Landingbot:

The front panel folds down to unleash the Pinchbot army.

Here's a picture to give you a sense of the relative sives of all the Pinchbot troops

6) I then built an Octopus Machine. Malifios uses this in one of his failed attempts to destroy the city.

It has a big important lever for him to throw.

I would suggest seeing this in action to get the full effect. Warning: it's kind of mesmerizing. Now no matter what else happens in my life, at least I can say I've made an octopus machine.

7) When I saw this contest, I knew I had to enter something. I got out all my handtrucks (8) and started playing around with them. However, it was Stephanie who looked at one and said "It looks like a deck chair." This was a much better idea than mine (stripes in a giant's shirt, a red Eiffel Tower) so I stole it and made this.

Here are the variations I went through to arrive at it:

8) Per your votes I purchased the Thunder Driller this week and Stephanie and I put it together. Here are some pictures:

We really like the rock monsters. :)

9) For work this week I got to film a "parade." It was not as grandiose as I was hoping, but still, how often do you see a 15 foot papier-mache iguana?

10) I helped Fire Escape make this webpage. They supplied the the image and the text, so all I really did was create the .html, but still I realize that is a skill that not everybody has and it's cool that it's so easy for me to make something like this.

11) I tried a couple new recipes this week: Rosemary Chicken and Vegtables al Forno (from the Occasional Vegetarian). They both turned out well. I altered the chicken recipe as some of the comments suggested, cut the rosemary in half, increase the lemon juice a little and put a half a cup of chicken broth in the pan. It made it very moist. I think it could have used a little more garlic and I might try marinating the chicken before hand to see if that makes the flavor more pervasive. The vegtables were good, as Stephanie pointed out "they tasted like vegetables", which is good when you have good vegetables, I guess I was expecting something a little more from them. The thyme didn't seem to do anything. I mean the vegetables were tasty, it just didn't seem like much of a recipe, chop up a bunch of vegetables add some minimal spice/oil and cook them in a casserole dish in the oven for an hour and half.

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Lindsay Champion said...

I love Frank! It really does look like him. Nice work, David M.