Saturday, February 7, 2009

20 is the new 10

1) Almost exactly a year ago I came across a job description that sounded like it was made just for me. It involved designing lego models for an upcoming lego video game. I worked myself like crazy for a month training myself in Lego Digital Designer to develop my portfolio as well as working on a cover letter and lego resume. Anyway, I obviously never got the job, although I talked to a NetDevil employee and found out there were complications with that position and they were holding off on hiring, but that was back in June. Anyway, the point is that this week the brothers brick posted about an opening for an almost identical job. It's in England, and I have no desire to move there, so I didn't bother applying, even though I basically already have an application ready. It's nice to know that there is demand (however miniscule) for this type of thing and maybe some day I'll find a way to get paid to play with legos.

2) Pasta thing with spices > pasta thing without spices. I realize that "pasta thing" is not a very descriptive name for a recipe. It has pasta and pito and kidney beans and carrots and tomatoes and onion and spices (which Stephanie neglected to mention when she gave me the recipe, so for qute a while I was making it wrong). It's very tasty. Krista, Tiffany and Seth agreed. Then there was some Warioware and World of Goo.

3) After googling the phrase "fancy schmancy" I accidentally came across the World's Smallest Postal Service & a hilarious misunderstanding.

4) I Lego NY - Guess how many people sent this link to me. (Answer below) My favorite was Talya's comment "this is lame, but it made me think of you beacuse you could do so much better than this, it's not funny At All. "

5) We had a really productive production meeting after the AnswerMedia tour/salespitch. It meant that I was at work for over 10 hours, but I made up for that by leaving early the next day.

6) About the only thing I had energy for that night was to watch Heroes and The Office on hulu. I'm cautiously optimistic about the remainder of this season. They seem to have removed a lot of the extraneous characters and plotlines that made me stop watching earlier this season. There was also an appropriate amount of kick-assery and absolutely no voice-over by Moyawnder.

7) On wednesday night I went to my very first rock concert. Stephanie and Ashleyt and I went to see Ludo. If you have never heard any of their songs I suggest you start with Broken Bride (beat). It's a rock opera about time travel, there are pteradactyls and zombies, nuff said. I do not suggest you watch the video that accompanies the music on any of the links I just gave you. Anyway, the concert was pretty cool. Some silly teenagers gave up the best spot in the whole place so we were able to stand at the very center of the balcony and look down upon the whole theater.

I'd say their set was 1/3 awesome (stuff from Broken Bride, Lake Pontcharchain, Love me dead), 1/3 meh and 1/3 really emo.

8) I started and finished "A Lion Among Men" this week. It was good, but not quite as good as Wicked or Son of a Witch. It did some tie up some loose ends, and I did enjoy the Lion's story, but it felt very lazily cobbled together, there were some wonderful bits, but they were sporadic at best. Wicked and Son of a Witch had numerous strong characters, but this was a book about a coward. And while it makes sense for him to shy away from all conflict, it doesn't make for the most compelling narrative.

9) Went to Lambda Legal's "Freedom to Marry" reception on Thursday with JJ. We got a nice walk in on the way there. The gay comedy troupe was funny and it reminded me just how outrageous it is that gay couples don't have access to the same rights as straight couples in this country. I don't care what it gets called. They can have the word marriage for all I care, but right now a domestic partnership/civil union simply doesn't convey the same rights as a marriage does.

10) My paper mind & the Bonaroo line-up animation are made with a process even more time consuming that stop-motion animation. It involves making frame by frame paper cut outs and then lining them up nad photographing them. Tedious! But very cool.

11) Had a meeting with the new manager of digital communications about how our office works. Once he understood how fragile our current situation is (in terms of what we'd lose if there was a fire or server crash) he got this look in his eyes that I'm sure I have had in mine many times. He also seemed intent on getting hte centralized media server, so that's awesome. It's nice to have someone to act on these issues for us. We certainly don't have the time.

12) My last Christmas present arrived this week! I borught Wii Fit on friday night and promptly set it up and started "playing" it. I mean it's techinally a video game, but when I am doing push-ups, even if it's on a big ole peripheral and I am getting points, I am still doing push-ups. There are four distinct parts: Yoga, which does not really synergize with video game mechanics well, becuase it's nearly impossible to relax and focus on the pose when the game keeps beeping at you. Stregth Training, which includes push-ups and lunges and other similar exercises. Balance Games, which are the least work-outy, but the most fun. Aerobics are the most heartrate increasing, and somewhere in between strength trainging and blance games on the fun-serious spectrum.
Here is JP playing one of hte balance games, and Leo doing one of the aerobic exercises. I must say that I was even worse than Leo at the hula hoops, and while I'm better now, I still usually fail.

13) Story of stuff

14) Spent a couple hours composing the "Fourth Anniversary" poem, that's directly below this post. It mostly just tumbled out of me that way. There was very little editing, it was almost pure catharsis. Dom once told me, "I write because writing poetry is like drugs for me. It makes me forget things that I don't want to think about. I transform my emotion into a neat little package, and then it can't bother me." I don't think it quite works like that for me, but I definitely felt a relief after I finished.

15) Then I quickly flipped to the other end of hte creativity spectrum and made this little vignette I call ROCK-et Science

16) You've got to see this lego kimono

17) Used a itunes gift card to buy another Bad Plus Album and some Brad Mehldau songs.

18) The weather was wonderfully warm this weekend!

19) I tried a recipe Jenny gave me for thefirst time. It's called Ithaca Artichoke Medley, basically you take chopped artichoke hearts and red pepper, some minced garlic and toss them with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and salet and pepper. Then you melt some brie and on french bread and put the mix on top. It's delicious. And even though it's obivously an appetizer type thing, it was my dinner yesterday and my lunch today.

20) 30 rock was increidble this week. "Sometimes she comes at me with a knife because of the silver frenzy." made me laugh so hard and so long that I had to pause the episode lest I miss everything that followed after.

21) I spent a good portion of today uploading videos from Christmas vacation to my personal youtube. Most of them feature Isaiah.


Rachel Tamed said...

I would die to play with legos right now. I wonder if I could convince my boss that lego replicas of our cleints was a necessity somehow...

Lindsay Champion said...

Wow, the hair on that kimono girl is outrageous!

Thanks for the great recipes, I've been in an eating rut recently.

Aww, man! I missed 30 Rock and now am itching to watch it on Hulu during work even though I have other stuff to do...

Lindsay Champion said...

Oh! Did you see this yet?

NY Times: I Lego NY

Cracked me up.