Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fourth Anniversary

The first year with my head above water
I see the world clearly now
I still don't think it's better off without you
How are you doing without the world?
Is it everything you hoped?

We were so young and so alive
No, we were just young and alive
But still, we were young and alive
And that's more than some can say
Some people can't even speak

She still shudders to think of you
Maybe she's jump-starting her memory
She laughs now, in scorn and sorrow
"What a fool! How could he? I loved him."
She means half and twice of what she says
Her smiles betray her careful teeth
They shine as much as ever

You run wild in her dreams
So young and so dead
She is making amends
Yet you always evade her

He is making a name for himself
The old one didn't suit him anymore
He clawed free and left it limp on the curb
He's looking for the words you gave him
They could be anywhere by now
His voice has retreated into his head
Even whispering gives him a headache

You burn in his scars
He thinks of you less than he'd like
And more than he'll admit
You are still his best friend

They are up and down as always
No wonder we called them see&saw
One admits the other's refuse
They bitch and gush, hug and rend
One moves out, one moves on
They spin around a whirlpool truth
You might have been the bridge across it

You are their fulcrum
The connection where they diverge
Without you to separate them
They find nothing in common

I'm part of the city skyline now
You'll find my gangly silhouette against the dawn
Steadfast alongside my fellow rectangles
At night I wink my tiny eyes at strangers
Inviting them to discover me piecemeal
The sky and lake seem one endless expanse
I'm just another point of light in it

You shatter in my mind
I sweep the shards together
Try to see you again
All I see is myself

We hide in the familiar
Our eyes scour strangers
They are never you
The days cry out
This this this this
This is the world
In which we live