Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Furry Feet

1) Went to the gym twice this week. The showers at Ratner are much better than the one in my apartment. It's annoying to carry all the stuff back and forth, but hopefully one of the long term lockers will open up for me soon. Probably not until the Summer though.

2) It was a slow week at work and so I had time to do some catch-up work and cross projects off my page-long list of projects that are over a month old.

3) I came across another lego job I'm not applying for this week. It was sorting and managing legos which would be fun, but probably not very rewarding.

4) Stephanie got me some awesome bear slippers for Christmas.

5) I tried using the milk crate that is bungeed to my bike rack to carry groceries home for the first time this week. Everything seemed to be going fine for the first twenty seconds I was pedaling and then I heard something snap. The head of one of the bungee cords flew off and then my crate of groceries tipped off to one side. Luckily I had bungees on the top of the crate as well, so they didn't fall out all over Southport. Still it was a very close call. I will have to investigate the bungee/crate interface before I try to use it again.

6) What I read this week:
Nameless by Sam. It's a novel in progress. It flowed better than The Dead Isle overall, but was not as much fun. It's got some great moments, but there's a lot of awkward parts.

7) Television:
Dr. Who - The Poison Sky and The Doctor's Daughter. Too much Martha and not enough Donna. They did not do the Doctor's daughter well.

Dollhouse - It's definitely getting into it's stride. There were several interesting moments this episode, even if the show does get really Joss-y until episode 6. I just hope it gets enough viewers to get picked up for a second season so he can really do something with it. Although I guess it could still get cut off just when everything's getting complicated and super awesome like Pushing Daisies.

8) Video Games:
Wii Fit - I'm still doing this, it's works really well as a complement to my visits to the gym. And as I predicted, the completionist in me has kept me coming back to exercises I would have otherwise given up on trying to get a perfect score.

Samba de Amigo Wii - I got this because Amazon was selling it for $10 and I had alwats been some what intrigued by this series. The controls are not as good as they should be, but it's fun and colorful. Definitely worth $10.

9) Movies:
Great Mouse Detective - I finally saw Tiffany's favorite movie. Ironically we watched right after watching an episode of House. Vincent Price voiced the villain = lovely. The showdown in Big Ben was really intense.

Coraline - Absolutely incredible from a technical / visual standpoint. I don't think it's as infinitely rewatchable as the Nightmare Before Christmas, but I definitely want to get it as soon as it comes out on DVD.

10) Lego Stuff:
I now have every color of Rock Monster. Now I just need to build them a paradise...

I built Steve Deepsea's flowery wall for his intro song.

Then when I was watching SNL I decided I should build something else that needed to be built for NNN episode 1 while i was watching it. I realized that I needed to make buildings/skyscrapers to populate New Block City. Of course I wasn't going to build them to minifig scale. Instead I was going to build them "microscale." The first building turned out alright, I guess, it took about 15 minutees of fiddling.

Then I had an idea for another building and started building it and then it sort of got out of hand and SNL ended and then a couple hours later this is what my living room looked like.

I finished up a rough draft of it this afternoon. I didn't have enough yellow for the whole thing, so I had to substiture in some white bricks. I think it looks pretty cool. I present TilesVision Stuios Tower, the building where NNN is filmed/produced.

However, it is clearly at a different sacle than the blue building. So I quickly built a smaller scale version.

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