Sunday, February 15, 2009

In no particular order

1) Lego Beauty and the Beast music box. Now at first glance this may seem cool, but not mind-blowing. Let's look at the detailed supporting characters. I can't even tell you how Belle is put together. And let's overlook the fact that beast has a wookie head and never forget this is a working music box.

On a similar note, check out the Queen of Hearts Castle.

2) The only lego thing I made this week is this crater for the green commercial.

3) However it was a very productive week in terms of writing for my animations. While walking along the streets I came up with a song for the opening of a sequel to The Franky Job and the beginning of a book written by a character in the spin-off from NNN.

"I've seen such things
I've seen the end
I've seen the world
Painted red

I saw them come
And paint it white
They didn't stay
To paint it right

I've seen such things
Such things I've seen
I've seen such things
I can't believe

I've seen my hope
Slip away
I see the blood
Every day

I've seen such things
Such things I've seen
I've seen it all
It seems to me"

"Even as I write this, I know I've written it before; countless different "I"s have written this exact sentence and meant everything that it is possible for it to mean and then some. There is nothing that hasn't been written to exhaustion, but still I write, if only to discover what I mean by this."

I also finished the rough draft of script of episode 2. Devoted readers will see that this episode contains the police commercial they voted on oh so long ago. I also wrote a scene in episode 3, it's the first scene with the Eye of Eyes.

4) More important even than all that writing was the fact that I finally cut together a rough edit of the voicetrack for episode 1. A few of the voices are actaully finall, but for the rest I just did a quick read through so I could get a sense of time. It looks the episode is going to run about 15 minutes. Which is 13,500 pictures I have to take before June. Better get started.

It was fun listening to the voices Stephanie and Lila recorded. Hearing the outtakes and them talking and laughing with me in between.

5) Speaking of how awesome Stephanie is, here's some stuff we did. We watched more DW and are loving Donna more and more with each episode. We also got to the end of AD, a bittersweet moment. "It's like we finish each others-" "Sandwiches?" Stephanie also compared my apartment to a gingerbread house (as in a place full of childish delights), thus my apartment has been nicknamed. When she came over she brough heart-shaped vanilla creme peeps. Delicious!

6) Finished re-reading the Amber Spyglass. I had forgotten how much I love Mary and the mulefa. Also Balthamos. And other stuff I won't spoil for Tiffany.

7) Some side effects of my trip to Ithaca were that I got to eat some Philly Pretzels and relive some Governor school memories as I sorted through a shoebox full of stuff from it.

8) And then of course there was the main effect of the trip, hanging out with my family and eating so much delicious food (eggs and sausage and potatoes, salmon and rice salad and potatoes, cookies and cake, tomato basil pizza, fruit plate, sushi, etc.) and sleeping in and generally having a ball.

9) And most of that revolved around Isaiah and his 2nd birthday party. I enjoyed playing with all his cars and trucks (which he can name very accurately), making tunnels, helping him pass out stickers etc. He really like the train I got him, so that makes me happy. Here are all the videos I took. For comparison, check out the videos from last year's party here.

10) Watching late night TV with JP. On Friday night we watched the last episode of Conan. And on Saturday night we watched 2 SNLs and The Soup.

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Lindsay Champion said...

Check out the last episode of Conan again to see my boyfriend's name in the special thanks! We fell off our chairs.

Having worked at the Broadway show, I have more Beauty & the Beast things than anyone should be allowed to have, but that lego thing is awesome. Lumiere really lights up?! That's the best. Well, except maybe the wookie head.

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