Sunday, February 1, 2009

Which lego set should I buy next?

Now that I have gone to see the optometrist, I am allowed to buy lego sets again. (Let's ignore the fact that I did buy a few small sets before I saw the optometrist, anything under $10 hardly qualifies as a purchase, I might as well be buying lunch! And if I buy several of these things at once, it's only because the stamp on the lego reward program card requires a purchase of $25. And of course Bricklink purchases for specific pieces I need for my next animation are another matter entirely and thus outside of this rule.) I am torn between 3 sets, so I thought I'd submit it to a vote. I have included links to the lego store and the reasons I am considering each one, in case you want to take that into account.

Thunder Driller

This drill is by far the coolest Power Miners set. It just looks awesome. You should know that when you roll it the drill spins, and even cooler, there are two pieces of the drill that spin in opposite directions. I also just love those adorable little rock monsters. And getting orange pieces is always a good thing.

Shipwreck Hideout

This set is the modern day counterpart of one of my very first lego sets, Forbidden Island. It also comes with a kick-ass female pirate.

Female lego figures are increasing in number these days, but they are still relatively rare, and most of them are damsels in distress and have the screaming/scared face to prove it. Not this pirate gal though, she has that smug/sly smile and on the pictures on the back of the box is unloosing all the cool traps of the hideout like the collapsing bridge and skull chute.

Shanghai Chase

This set which is based on the opening of Temple of Doom has a lot of great minifig pieces. The gangsters have great suits and and hats and have asian faces which are rarer than female figures (you want to talk about rare though, the only female asian fig is the out of production Ninja Princess - sells for about $20-$40). Indy also has a great suit on and Short Round has those great tiny legs and another asian face. Willie, of course, has a damsel in distress type face:

But what else would you expect from her? Her hairpiece, little tiara, tiara are all great. And of course, the cars themselves are pretty cool.

So there you have it, now go and vote in the poll! In case of a tie I will just have to buy all the winners :)

One set that I really want, but which I did not put up for consideration is Medival Market.

It costs as much as the other three sets combined. I am going to hold off on any purchases of this scale until Brickworld, because then there's the chance I can get them at 50% off and if not that, at least 20%. Still it's very tempting.


Adam said...

Shanghai Chase.

Do you REALLY need more pirate sets?

Shanghai Chase all the way.

Adam said...

I want to change my vote to the driller. It seems to have cooler pieces that I'm sure you could make something amazing out of.

David M Pickett said...

Did you use the poll? I think it allows you to change your vote.

Adam said...

Oh you're right. What a refreshing poll interface.

Lindsay Champion said...

Shanghai. And the medieval one is pretty great, too. And also the drill. Fine, just get them all.

Jenny Pickett said...

Isaiah votes for the green car- aka the drill. he says, " Hello, green car!" every time he sees your page. \\
o l though Iean l.1012 towards the sShanghi set. ISaiah is helping me type.

Anonymous said...

You should get the medieval market is class. you'll think it's great.I myself am choosing between two lego sets aswell.