Friday, March 27, 2009

Back on schedule

1) In the past week my Green commercial has almost 450 views! At first I was disappointed by this number, because in comparison to my most watched video, which has nearly a quarter of a million views, 450 seems like a pitiful amount. But of course that video has been up there for 2 and a half years. 450 in the first week is definitely a new record. When you think about the fact that my friends and family can only represent a small portion of that, that's when it gets cool. The internet is awesome.

Youtube Insight points out that almost half these views are from my cleverly placed external links. (When I launch the first NNN episode my advertising campaign will be even larger.) But I should also thank Lego Diem for blogging it. I have no idea who runs that blog or how they found it, but it was been responsible for 20 views I wouldn't otherwise have. While I still haven't made it on to the hollowed pages of The Brothers Brick, my creations have started to show up on some smaller blogs, so that's exciting.

Also, it came in third place (out of 14) in the contest I made it for. Woo hoo!

2) Because it was Spring Break it was a very slow week at work. At first I had the mistaken impression that I would be able to use this week to catch up on my backlog of projects. I finally got around to starting that on Friday. The front half of my week was hijacked by meetings and allergies. Whatever, it was a nice break from the usual craziness that is our office.

3)I had lunch with Arthur at the Florian on Wednesday (<3 Pesto Chicken Wrap) and we discussed television relentlessly.

4) I stayed at work for 10 hours on Friday, but it wasn't so bad, because the last 5 of them Renee and I were making this diorama. Like I said, it was a slow week.

Professor “Nambunny” is accompanied on stage by President “Zucker*” as he receives the Nobel Prize Medal from the “Sweet-ish” Ambassador at International House on December 10th 2008. The event is filmed and broadcast live by The University of Chicago Media Initiatives Group.
*zucker is German for sugar

Go here to read more about the actual event. Made for this contest.

5) At dinner on Monday we had an interesting debate about finding new music. At least that's what the debate was about for me, for Krista it was about the music industry being the same as ever, and for Tiffany and Seth it was about blogs tainting the experience of finding new music. I'm not going to try to rehash it more than that because it was pretty incoherent. What we discovered is that we saw (or heard perhaps) things in such different ways that we couldn't even have the debate Tiffany and Seth wanted to have in the first place.

7) I had dinner at Paul and Stephanie's place twice this week. On Tuesday we had Cinimin Chikin (which really is that good). On Saturday we had lemon egg soup and chicken fried rice, which were both superlatively delicious. We also watched a bunch of television. See below.

8) Three episodes of The Wire Season 2. The amount of characters and plots is right on the cusp of overwhelming, but luckily my brain is ridiculous and I'm able to keep track of them at least enough to know what's going on in each scene. Ask me what they all are though, I could probably only remember half. THe show continues to be incredible. More than any other show I've watched the rest of the world just seems to melt away when this is on and I always have this weird lurching feeling when an episode ends as I careen back into reality.

9) Four episodes of Dr. Who. Stephanie finished off Season 4. Yay for Rose. Poor Donna. Jack is wonderful as always. Nice appearance by Harriet Jones.

10) Other T.V shows - Office was interesting. 30 Rock was "groin grabbingly" transcendent. I don't know how they keep being so hilarious, but I don't need to know so long as they keep doing it. Doll House had a lot of hilarious moments and well not quite as good as last week's episode was definitely better than a lot of the ones prior.

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Stephanie said...,1648,152191-250193,00.html

It's technically egg lemon soup, but who's counting. Also we just used bullion instead of broth and maybe used less water or we should have? Sorry, i know you like defined recipes. Also according to the internet you can put rice or orzo in it.